Pelosi: Independent Commission Will Examine Capitol RiotHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday that Congress will establish an independent, Sept. 11-style commission to look into the deadly insurrection that took place at the U.S. Capitol.
UPDATE: Trump's Second Impeachment Trial To Begin Week Of February 8Former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial will begin the week of February 8, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Friday evening on the Senate floor.
Speaker Pelosi Says Capitol Siege Rioters Chose 'Whiteness Over Democracy'House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used an online video meeting with her San Francisco constituents to criticize the overwhelmingly white mob that attacked Congress on Wednesday.
Nancy Pelosi Reelected House Speaker as 117th Congress Convenes SundayHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-S.F.) was reelected to lead the chamber as the 117th Congress convened Sunday, with the California Democrat set to shepherd her party through a new Congress with the slimmest majority in years.
Pelosi, McConnell To Receive COVID VaccineSpeaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have both said they will receive the COVID-19 vaccine in the coming days, and encouraged other lawmakers to be vaccinated as soon as possible.
Pelosi Meets With Congressional Leaders On New COVID-19 Aid PackageTalks on a long-delayed COVID-19 aid package intensified Tuesday as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi summoned other top congressional leaders for a potentially critical meeting.
House Democrats Choose Nancy Pelosi As Speaker To Lead Into Biden PresidencyHouse Democrats nominated Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday as the speaker to lead them into Joe Biden’s presidency, but she’d be guiding a smaller and ideologically divided majority as she tries shepherding his agenda toward enactment.
Defiant Pelosi Says 'I Take Credit For ... Holding The House'A defiant Nancy Pelosi said Friday that she doesn't take responsibility for suffering losses in House races last week saying "I take credit for winning a majority and holding the House" in a televised interview.
Pelosi, Schumer: GOP 'Temper Tantrum' Over Biden Victory Hurting Response To COVID-19 SurgeHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer skewered their Republican counterparts Thursday for refusing to acknowledge Joe Biden's election victory and indulging President Trump's efforts to cast doubt on the results, saying it is hurting the response to a worsening COVID-19 pandemic.
Pelosi: 'President-Elect Biden' Will Have Mandate To LeadHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi was looking ahead to a Joe Biden presidency Friday after vote counts in the key states of Pennsylvania and Georgia showed the former vice-president now ahead of President Trump.
Pelosi Would Become President If Election Results Are Not Certified, Says Law ProfessorA law professor says if the results of the presidential election are not certified by the deadline, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would become President until a winner is certified.
Pelosi Says Stimulus Deal Still Possible; Will Seek Another Term as SpeakerHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that she would seek another term as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives if the Democrats keep their majority in the chamber after the November election.
Pelosi, Raskin Announce Bill Allowing Congress To Use 25th Amendment To Remove PresidentHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., announced Friday morning that they are creating a commission that allows Congress to intervene under the Constitution’s 25th Amendment to remove the president.
Pelosi: 'Tomorrow, We’re Going To Be Talking About the 25th Amendment'House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told national news media Thursday that she planned to discuss the 25th Amendment the next day, hinting that she and her colleagues are considering succession plans for President Donald Trump as he fights COVID-19.
Pelosi Calls Out Trump For Halting COVID Relief Talks, Says 'White House Is In Complete Disarray'House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday criticized President Donald Trump for halting talks for a new COVID-19 relief package, saying he is refusing "to give real help to poor children, the unemployed and America's hard working families."