Clothes Closet Outfits Foster Families For FreeOften when a child enters the foster care system, he or she has nothing. So this week's Jefferson Award winner decided to do something about that.
Teenagers Create Solutions To Improve Others' Lives Through Design The FutureWhen he was just 8 years old, Durell Coleman told his mother he was going to be an inventor who would head up his own company. Today, the Oakland man has not only achieved his goal, he is now teaching teenagers how to create their own products to make others' lives better.
African American Shakespeare Company Reimagines Classic Plays For Black ActorsWhen Sherri Young graduated from the American Conservatory of Theater in the 1990s, there weren't very many roles for African Americans like her, so this week's Jefferson Award winner launched her own theater company.
Tacolicious School Project Funds Cash-Strapped Public SchoolsThis week's Jefferson Award winners make tacos the "meat" of their fundraising program. And so far, they've generated more than a million dollars for cash-strapped public schools.
Volunteer Park Patrol Maintains Oakland's Wildland ParksStan Dodson founded Park Patrol, a volunteer program within his non-profit "Oakland Trails" to maintain Oakland's three wildland parks.
Music Therapy Program Empowers The Developmentally DisabledThis week's Jefferson Award winner is unleashing the power of music to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities.
'Write To Read' Program At Camp Sweeney Helps Young People Re-Engage With EducationStatistics show that 85% of young people in juvenile hall are functionally illiterate. But they are far less likely to commit another crime if they get the kind of support that comes from this week's Jefferson Award winner.
'Missing In America' Project Secures Proper Burials For Forgotten VeteransWhen the fire chief of Windsor in Sonoma County retired seven years ago, he found a second career and, not surprisingly, it too was in public service. This week's Jefferson Award winner, Ron Collier serves military veterans who've served their country but have been forgotten.