New California Breast Cancer Detection Law Set To Go Into EffectA new law designed to increase the detection of breast cancer is about to be implemented in California.
Phil Matier: Will Oakland Install More Red Light Cameras? Oakland city officials are considering a controversial plan to double the number of red light cameras in the city, but the questions are, are they simply doing it for the revenue and who will get the bulk of the money?
SJ Renter’s Brush With Foreclosure Led To New Disclosure Requirements For LandlordsWhen Samantha James signed a lease on a San Jose apartment in the spring of 2011, she had no idea the duplex in College Park had been in foreclosure for about two years.
Palo Alto Lawmaker's Bill Would Restrict Use Of Red-Light CamerasThe state Senate has approved restrictions on governments’ use of traffic cameras to catch drivers who run red lights.
California May Raise Fines For Illegal Cellphone Use While DrivingThe fine for illegally using a cellphone while driving in California would increase from $20 to $30 under a bill approved by the state Senate, although the actual cost would climb to at least $199 for first offenders once court fees are collected.
Bay Area Lawmakers Unveil Budget Proposal To Prevent State Park Closures State Senators Joe Simitian and Noreen Evans unveiled a budget plan Tuesday to prevent 70 state parks from closing in July.
California Proposal Would Create Fines For Calling, Texting On A Bike A bill up for debate in the California Senate Transportation Committee would make bike riders subject to fines similar to those imposed on drivers who are caught using a mobile device behind the wheel.
Strict New California Coast Sewage Rules Enacted For Cruise ShipsThe Environmental Protection Agency Thursday signed a rule that bans cruise ships and other large vessels from dumping sewage within three miles of California's coastline. Federal officials estimate this will cut down on 90 percent of the sewage that could previously be discharged legally.
California Assembly Approves Red-Light Camera RestrictionsThe state Assembly has approved restrictions on governments’ use of cameras to catch drivers who run red lights.
Caltrain, High Speed Rail Could Share Tracks In PeninsulaThe study found that major upgrades would be needed for the plan to come together.
Hefty Fines For Drivers Who Violate Hands-Free Cellphone LawIn an effort to persuade drivers not to break the law, a bill passed by the state legislature, and awaiting the governor's signature, would raise the penalty from $20 to $309 for a first offense.