Facebook Has Lost 30% Of Its Value Since JulyFacebook is taking steps to address criticism that its platform has been hijacked by bad actors, but investors are bailing.
Facebook Worker Claims Company Has Anti-Conservative BiasLast year, a Google engineer sparked outrage when he complained of his employer's perceived left-wing bias. Now, a Facebook worker is making similar claims.
Facebook Has Suspended Over 400 Apps After Cambridge Analytica ScandalFacebook has banned one app and suspended over 400 more following investigations into developers and how they handled user data.
Mark Zuckerberg Just Lost Nearly $16 Billion In One DayMark Zuckerberg lost $15.7 billion overnight. The Facebook CEO was worth a mere $66.8 billion on Thursday afternoon according to Forbes.
Zuckerberg's Holocaust Comment Puts Facebook On The SpotFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is clarifying his stance pertaining to Holocaust deniers after getting some blowback on social media.
Bloomberg Calculates Mark Zuckerberg Is World's 3rd-Richest PersonMark Zuckerberg claimed the No. 3 spot on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index with a net worth of $81.6 billion as Facebook stock has spiked about 15 percent this year. Zuckerberg moved ahead of Warren Buffett on the list.
Facebook Execs Grilled By Investors After Data ScandalMark Zuckerberg and other top Facebook execs were hit with sharp questions and criticisms at the company's annual shareholder meeting Thursday.
France's Macron Takes On Facebook's Zuckerberg In Tech PushFrench President Emmanuel Macron is taking on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other internet giants at a Paris meeting to discuss tax and data protection and how they could use their global influence for the public good.