Bay Area Mask Wearers Share Their Stories Of Awkward Moments, Mask FatigueWe’ve been wearing these masks now for months. For some people, they are starting to feel the effects of ‘mask fatigue.’
AC Transit Giving Free Masks, Hand Sanitizer To RidersThe Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District announced Monday that it will start issuing free face coverings and hand sanitizer to riders to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings Apologizes For Instagram Post Saying She Bravely Went Shopping With No MaskThree-time Olympic volleyball gold medalist and South Bay native Kerri Walsh Jennings is facing a wave of criticism after she said she went to the grocery store without a mask.
Blue Surgical Masks Of Little Help To Novato Residents Breathing Unhealthiest Air In Bay AreaBay Area residents have been breathing smoke from wildfires burning across the Bay Area, but in the past few days Novato’s smoke has been three times as dense, three times as thick -- some of the worst air in the Bay Area.
Farm Workers Already Challenged By COVID Labor Through Heat And Wildfire SmokeThe recent heat wave and wildfire smoke have made for especially tough times for farm workers who were already struggling with COVID-19.
Warning: Smoke From Raging Wildfires Especially Harmful For Asthma, COPD Sufferers, Elderly PeopleAll of the debris, ash and smoke from the wildfires has blanketed the Bay Area and made the air especially unhealthy. Air quality her is the worst in the world.
South Lake Tahoe Approves $100 Fines For Mask ViolationsViolators of California’s mask requirement will be subject to a hefty fine in South Lake Tahoe by the end of the week.
Santa Clara County Supes Vote To Extend Eviction Moratorium, Impose Fines For Mask ViolationsAmid a ticking "eviction time bomb" in Santa Clara County, the county Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved an extension on the eviction moratorium for both private and commercial tenants.
San Anselmo Group Places Free Mask In Trees For Those In NeedWhile money doesn’t grow on trees, in the Marin County town of San Anselmo, it seems face masks do. Well, almost. 
Apple Urged By NYC Transit Officials To Solve iPhone Mask IssuesNew York’s mass transit agency wants Apple to come up with a better way for iPhone users to unlock their phones without taking off their masks.
Fines For Violating COVID-19 Health Orders Go Into Effect In San Mateo CountyAfter weeks of warnings to mask up, as of Wednesday residents in San Mateo County who choose not to heed public health requirements can be forced to pay a fine.