Former East Bay Chiron Researcher Michael Houghton Shares Nobel Prize For Medicine Michael Houghton, a British-born scientist who worked for years at Emeryville-based Chiron Corporation, joined Harvey J. Alter and Charles M. Rice in being awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine on Monday for their discovery of the hepatitis C virus, a major source of liver disease that affects millions worldwide.
AstraZeneca Puts COVID-19 Vaccine Trial On Hold After Participant Becomes SickThe global trials of leading COVID-19 vaccine candidate AstraZeneca have been put on hold after a suspected adverse event.
Study: COVID-19 Testing Proving Fiscally Costly For San Francisco Bay Area CountiesResearchers at UC Berkeley estimate that the costs of testing for the coronavirus and treating confirmed COVID-19 cases across California already has topped $2.4 billion and some Bay Area counties are enduring the state's highest per-capita costs.
Malaria Drug Fails To Prevent COVID-19 In A Rigorous StudyA malaria drug President Donald Trump took to try to prevent COVID-19 proved ineffective for that in the first large, high-quality study to test it in people in close contact with someone with the disease.
UC Study: U.S. COVID-19 Victims Endure Long Hospital Stays, Higher Rates Of ICU AdmissionsUniversity of California-Berkeley researchers have crunch the numbers surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak across the country and found that patients in the U.S. were enduring longer hospital stays and facing higher rates of intensive care unit admission than patients in China.
Coronavirus Update: Stanford Doctors Begin Clinical Trial Of New Treatment For COVID-19 PatientsHoping it may be a 'magic bullet' in the battle against COVID-19, Stanford doctors have begun the clinical trial of a drug used to treat hepatitis patients on those infected with the coronavirus.
UCSF Study Reveals Smokers May Suffer More Severe COVID-19 SymptomsSmoking significantly worsens COVID-19 symptoms, according to a new analysis by UC-San Francisco of the association between smoking and progression of the infectious disease.
Coronavirus Update: San Francisco Bay Area Dentists Preparing To Reopen Their OfficesBay Area dentists are ramping up preparations for a June reopening of their offices, which have been closed during the coronavirus shelter-in-place order except for emergency procedures since March.
Pioneering Immunotherapy Targeting Elusive Cancer Cells In ChildrenThe “remarkably successful” CAR-T cell therapy is giving new hope to the sickest cancer patients. Now, Stanford experts are focusing on advancing its use and broadening its benefits.
Coronavirus Update: Virus May Have A New Symptom -- What Is 'COVID Toe'Swollen, inflamed, and puffy red toes are common when exposed to cold and damp conditions, but doctors are noticing a spike at the wrong time.
Coronavirus Update: Newsom Lifts Statewide Hospital Restrictions On Essential SurgeriesGov. Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday that he was lifting the restrictions placed upon hospitals that had put on hold all scheduled surgical procedures in anticipation of a massive wave of COVID-19 patients overwhelming the state's health care system.