UCSF Dermatologist Specializes In Science, Treatment Of Dark SkinWhen it comes to dermatology, melanin makes a huge difference. BR's Betty Yu shows us a new clinic at UCSF that specializes in treating patients with dark skin.
'Very Smart Guy'; Sports Medicine Whiz Emerges As Golden State Warriors MVP Several names come to mind when you talk about the MVP of the Golden State Warriors this season, but it's a good bet that Rick Celebrini isn't one of them.
Hayward Company Says It May Be On The Verge Of Cancer Treatment BreakthroughHayward company Reflexion says it's on the verge of getting federal approval for what it believes will be a groundbreaking new treatment for late-stage cancers.
Travel Fueling California's Measles Outbreak; UCLA Students QuarantinedMeasles cases are on the rise in 11 California counties including San Francisco and are being fueled by exposure to the disease during overseas travel among other factors, state health officials announced Thursday.
Stanford Investigation Clears Faculty Members In Gene-Editing Baby InquiryStanford University researchers have been cleared of playing any role in a former post-doctoral scholar's controversy use of gene editing technology on human embryos for intended implantation and birth.
Traveler May Have Exposed Thousands To Measles In Santa Clara CountyHealth officials issued a warning Tuesday after they say a visitor to the Silicon Valley may have exposed thousands of local residents to the measles at locations including Stanford, the Apple Visitor Center and several popular restaurants.
A Medical Miracle -- 1958 KPIX 5 Live Broadcast Of Open Heart SurgeryTommy Hunter was an 8-year-old Oakland boy who simply wanted to play with his friends, but his ailing heart would not allow it.
Stanford Cardiac Specialists Amazed By 1958 Open Heart BroadcastAs they watched a replay of the historic KPIX 5 1958 live broadcast of an open heart surgery, two of Stanford's leading cardiologists were stunned by how primitive it all looked.
Campaign 2018 -- Big Money Stream Into Battle Over Dialysis TreatmentYou can't miss the television ads over Proposition 8 as millions are spent by both sides of the issue heading into election day.
Bay Area Biotech's New Flu Treatment Gets FDA ApprovalA new drug developed by Bay Area-based Genentech has received federal approval -- the first new treatment for influenza approved in nearly two decades.
Flea-Borne Typhus Spreads Across Los Angeles AreaA rise in typhus, a bacterial disease spread by lice or fleas, has hit the Los Angeles area, and public health officials are sounding the alarm.