Caught On Camera: Rogue Motorcyclists Take Over San Jose RoadwayA group of motorcyclists took over a major roadway in San Jose over the weekend, popping wheelies, knocking on car windows, and stopping oncoming traffic in an incident caught on camera.
Gov. Brown Signs Bill Condoning Lane-SplittingCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation that takes a step toward condoning the practice of lane-splitting for motorcyclists.
Bill Condoning Lane-Splitting Goes To Gov. Jerry Brown’s DeskCalifornia lawmakers are moving to condone the practice of lane-splitting, in which motorcyclists drive between two lanes of vehicles.
California State Assembly Approves Lane-Splitting Legislation Allowing Motorcyclists To Move Through Stalled TrafficCalifornia may become the first state to explicitly allow motorcycles to weave between stalled cars in traffic.
70 Vehicles Destroyed In 2-Alarm Fire At San Jose Powersports DealershipAbout 70 vehicles were destroyed in a two-alarm fire at a powersports dealership in San Jose Sunday evening, fire officials said.
CHP Removes Lane-Splitting Guidelines For Motorcyclistshe California Highway Patrol has pulled a post on its website outlining guidelines for motorcyclists on the topic of lane-splitting, much to the chagrin of some riders.
CHP Aircraft Catches East Bay Motorcyclist Going 120 MPH On The HighwayThe story of how Corey McDonah ended up in the Hayward Hall of Justice is a high-tech tale that is equal parts dumb luck, bad choices, and good police work.
Motorcyclist Killed In Solo Crash Near I-580 In RichmondA motorcyclist who was killed in a solo crash near an Interstate Highway 580 off-ramp in Richmond Thursday afternoon had already been injured in an earlier crash near Stinson Beach, according to the California Highway Patrol.
Seniors On Motorcycles Begin Tour Of California CoastNine men from Taiwan men ranging in age from 76 to 89 caught motorcycle rides Tuesday with American riders in San Jose to start a three-day highway trip to Los Angeles.
Electronic Tolling On Golden Gate Bridge May Not Spot MotorcyclesIt's been just over three months since the Golden Gate Bridge laid off toll takers and switched to an all-electronic system. While bridge officials made the move to save money, one motorcyclist may have found a flaw in the system.
San Jose Man Accused Of Fatally Hitting Motorcyclist While IntoxicatedA San Jose man is out on bail after allegedly fatally striking a motorcyclist while driving under the influence in San Jose Friday night, a police spokesman said.