How Pelosi Can Become Speaker With Fewer Than 218 VotesTo become speaker of the US House of Representatives, a candidate traditionally needs 218 votes on the chamber floor because that equates a majority of the 435-member chamber.
Pelosi Exudes Confidence For Winning House In Closing Argument To Be SpeakerAt a time when many in her party feel wary of forecasting a victory -- mindful of Hillary Clinton's unexpected loss in 2016 -- Pelosi isn't holding back.
Speaker Pelosi? Trump Admits Republicans Can Lose HousePresident Donald Trump during his campaign rally in West Virginia admitted that Democrats could take the House.
Pelosi: 'Pretty Comfortable' She Will Be Speaker If Democrats Win The HouseHouse Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Monday that she is "pretty comfortable" she will be speaker again if Democrats win the House in November.
Pelosi On Trump's Tax Returns: 'One Of The First Things We'd Do'President Donald Trump's tax returns will be a top priority next year if Democrats take the House and the oversight power that comes with it, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said.
Nancy Pelosi: As Long As Trump Is Here, 'I'm Here'House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said while "it's time for new blood" in her party, she also thinks it's a gamble in the current political climate for her not to be at the negotiating table.
Democrats Eye Possible Investigations If They Take Back The HouseIn the Trump-era, Democrats in Congress have been loud -- but largely powerless. That could soon change.
GOP Brands Democratic Candidates 'Pelosi Liberals' as Midterms LoomRepublicans are lobbing attacks against dozens of Democratic candidates across the U.S., linking them to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and using her hometown of San Francisco as a symbol of being "out-of-touch."
'I Can Take the Heat,' Defiant Pelosi Says She's StayingNancy Pelosi is the chief villain of Republican campaign ads. Nevertheless, she says she's not going anywhere -- and certainly not while President Trump is in the White House.
Impeachment Talk Still A No-Go For Democrats Hitting GOP's 'Culture Of Corruption'Taken together, the news played right into the anti-corruption messaging already being deployed by Democrats in the run-up to the 2018 midterms.
Pelosi Pulls In Staggering Sums For Dems Despite Facing Opposition In The RanksA number of Democrats running for the House have shunned Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi -- but they may have to thank her for their seats if they win this fall.
Poll: One Third Of Bay Area Democrats Want Pelosi Out Of Leadership PositionA KPIX 5 poll found that 35 percent of Bay Area Democrats want House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to voluntarily cede power to someone younger, while 37 percent want her to fight to keep her leadership position. 
Pelosi Asks What Russia Has On Trump, Won't Promise HearingsHer comments highlighted Democratic leaders' balancing act approaching November elections in which they hope to win a House majority.
Politico: Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan Leaning Towards Challenging PelosiThough he wouldn't commit to challenging Pelosi, Ryan is "strongly leaning" in that direction, according to a Monday report by Politico.
Huckabee's Anti-Pelosi Tweet Draws Charges of RacismFormer Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee was accused of racism after he tweeted a photo of five men posing as gang members with a caption linking them to U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi.