California Could End Up Deciding Republican Presidential NominationThe Republican presidential contest remains unsettled, and California could be the state that finally decides it.
State-By-State Super Tuesday Election Results
Romney Takes Step Ahead, But Republican Race Still Wide OpenWith a narrow primary win in his home state of Michigan and a more comfortable victory in the Arizona Republican presidential primary, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has maintained his shaky front-runner status.
California GOP Tries To Refocus At Burlingame ConventionCalifornia Republicans are bracing for what could be a brutal election year, but they’re also looking to the future.
Santorum Candidacy Rising Among Dissatisfied California RepublicansCalifornia’s Republican voters have warmed up to the surging candidacy of Rick Santorum but also are expressing growing dissatisfaction with the field of GOP presidential candidates, according to a Field Poll released Wednesday.
Californians Look To Make Impact In Nevada GOP CaucusThe Republican presidential contest may very well be decided by the time California holds its primary, in June. So, plenty of Californians appear to be joining the campaign in Nevada, which holds its caucus Saturday.
Pelosi Hints, Then Denies She Has Gingrich SecretsIn a CNN interview Tuesday night, Pelosi said that Gingrich is not going to be president. Asked why she’s so sure, Pelosi said there is something she knows.
Gingrich Wins South Carolina GOP PrimaryNewt Gingrich has soundly defeated Mitt Romney in the South Carolina Republican primary in a comeback victory.
Poll Finds Obama Support Slipping In CaliforniaFewer than half of California voters say they would be inclined to re-elect President Barack Obama, but his support rises significantly when paired against two of the leading contenders for the Republican nomination.