Pac-12 Programs Differ on Reporting Student-Athlete CasesWhile the Pac-12 will soon be able to rapidly test athletes, hopes that a fall football season might be salvaged remain premature.
Pac-12 Partners With SoCal Pharma Company for Daily Coronavirus TestingHaving college football back by Thanksgiving has been a dream for many but there’s new optimism that it can become a reality.
Reopenings: Pac-12 Conference Reaches Agreement For Rapid COVID TestingThe Pac-12 has reached an agreement with a diagnostic testing company to implement up to daily COVID-19 testing for all close-contact sports across the conference.
Stanford Undergrads Disinvited From Living on Campus this FallStanford University’s undergraduate students learned Thursday they will not be allowed to live on campus this fall, despite previous statements to the contrary from the school.
Pac-12 Decision A Blow For Stanford Athlete, Vendors Hoping For A Lucrative Fall Football SeasonA normally lucrative season for colleges has disappeared after the Pac-12 announced on Tuesday to halt all sports until at least the beginning of next year because of COVID-19.
Report: Pac-12 Set To Cancel 2020 Football Due To COVID-19; Trump Wants Games To ProceedThe Pac-12 Conference is reportedly set to cancel the upcoming 2020 football season due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Pac-12 Player Group 'Disappointed' After Commissioner CallThe Pac-12 players of the “WeAreUnited” movement said they were “disappointed and deeply concerned” after a recent meeting with the conference’s commissioner.
Source: Pac-12 Commissioner Meets With Player GroupPac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott met with representatives from the #WeAreUnited college player group, with much of the discussion focused on the conference's health and safety protocols. 
Pac-12 Football Players Ask Newsom For Help With COVID-19 Health DemandsA group of Pac-12 football players with the #WeAreUnited movement have met with officials from Gov. Gavin Newsom's staff to discuss concerns about their schools’ COVID-19 protocols and protecting their college eligibility.
Reopenings: 'Ball's In Pac-12's Court'; Players Make Demands Before College Football SeasonIt began with postings on social media and a popular sports blog. By Monday, demands from a handful of Pac-12 athletes for guarantees protecting their health amid the COVID-19 outbreak and for social and structural change was gaining momentum nationwide.
College Football Reopening: Pac-12 Players Call For Possible COVID-19 Opt-Out Gains MomentumA text message circulating among Pac-12 football players is encouraging them to opt-out of practices and games until they can negotiate protections and benefits related to health and safety, economic rights and the fight against racial injustice.