Hawaiian Man Snowboards On Tropical Island Peak After Snowstorm, Record LowsSnowboarding video captures rare extreme sports on Hawaii's highest peak.
Schizophrenic Winter Weather Plunges Bay Area Into 20s, Then Sizzles Santa Cruz At 80 DegreesIn one of the weirdest winter weather patterns in recent memory, New Year's brought 20 degree lows to the inland Bay Area, followed by highs in the 80s Tuesday in Santa Cruz.
Super Typhoon Nuri Pushing Above West Coast To Force Polar Vortex On MidwestIf you follow weather on social media, you’ve likely heard of Super Typhoon Nuri. It’s a huge storm out in the Western Pacific Ocean, and as it becomes extra-tropical, it’s going to be one of the biggest storms to hit Alaska since the Carter Administration. Storms of this magnitude can create a huge “kink” in the jet stream.
Explosive Storm Heading North Through Pacific Ocean Toward Alaska CoastWeather forecasters say an explosive storm surpassing the intensity of 2012’s Superstorm Sandy is heading north through the Pacific Ocean and is expected to reach Alaska’s western Aleutian Islands and the Bering Sea over the weekend.
Allergy Armageddon 'Pollen Vortex' Following Polar Vortex Will Not Hit West CoastThe West Coast has little to fear from the so-called "pollen vortex" of exploding allergens unleashed by the unusually cold and long polar vortex winter that plagued New York, Boston, and much of the northeastern United States.
Global Warming Climate Data Shows Polar Vortex, Pacific Heat In 4th Warmest Year On RecordNew climate data tracks the depth of the Polar Vortex that plunged the eastern and central U.S. into bitter cold, and the balmy Bay Area conditions.
Polar Vortex Moves Out, Flights Smoother At Bay Area AirportsFinally, relief. Bay Area airports reporting a calm period after a wave of continued flight delays and cancellations caused by freezing winter weather that paralyzed much of the Midwest and East Coast this past week.
Frigid Storm Spreading Across U.S. Causing Delays For Bay Area TravelersContinuing frigid temperatures in the Midwest and on the East Coast were resulting in more flight cancellations and delays at Bay Area airports Tuesday.