SF Protest Urges Facebook To Protect Public From Political Lies, Hate, DisinformationProtesters will project messages onto Facebook's San Francisco building Tuesday night to urge the company's shareholders to be sure the public is protected from hate, lies, and disinformation in the coming political season.
Facebook Reverses On Paid Influencers After Bloomberg MemesFacebook decided Friday to allow a type of paid political message that had sidestepped many of the social network's rules governing political ads.
Facebook Again Refuses To Ban Political Ads, Even False OnesDespite escalating pressure ahead of the 2020 presidential election, Facebook reaffirmed its freewheeling policy on political ads Thursday, saying it won’t ban them, won’t fact-check them and won’t limit how they can be targeted to specific groups of people.
It's Official: Bloomberg Launches Presidential Campaign With Advertising BlitzFormer New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg formally announced he is running for the Democratic presidential nomination on Sunday.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Social Media Giant Will Stop Accepting Political AdsTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey took to his social media platform Wednesday, announcing the company would no longer accept political advertising, proclaiming "political message reach should be earned, not bought."
Facebook Posts Solid 3Q Despite Rising Regulatory ThreatsFacebook reported solid third-quarter results Wednesday showing steady growth in its user base even as it faces broad regulatory threats and criticism over its power and negative effects on society.
San Mateo Legislator Proposes New Rules for Political Advocacy AdvertisingProposed legislation would require groups spending more than $10,000 a year on "issue advocacy ads" about pending legislation or regulation to identify themselves and major funders.
Social Media Upends Politics PlaybookWith the rise of social networking platforms, politicians' campaign efforts can be targeted to narrow slices of the electorate with ads that can run continuously with no disclosure of who is paying for them.
Twitter to Disclose Info on Political Ads Amid Congressional ScrutinyThe move follows similar steps by Facebook and the introduction of a bill that seeks to bring more transparency to online political ads in an attempt to lessen the influence of Russia and other foreign entities on U.S. elections.
Senators Seek More Transparency In Online Political AdsThe bill would require social media companies to keep public files of election ads and meet the same disclaimer requirements as political broadcast and print advertising.