Transgender People Face Increased Danger, Identity Issues In PrisonThe extreme challenges of being transgender in prison
'We're Still Human Beings': The Struggle of Keeping Relationships Alive in PrisonThe Covid-19 pandemic has only inflamed the challenges of maintaining relationships with incarcerated people. Shaheen Pasha, co-founder of the Prison Journalism Project, Dr. Ivy Hilton and CBSN Bay Area's Len Kiese explore how loved ones manage their relationships with those behind bars.
Prison Journalism Project Shows Inside Prison Perspective On Insurrection, Trump & BidenMarcus Henderson, an incarcerated journalist at San Quentin Prison, wrote about his thoughts about political separatism in a recent article on the Prison Journalism Project. The outlet's co-founders, Yukari Iwatani Kane & Shaheen Pasha as well as Henderson, provided insight into inmates thoughts on what led up to the insurrection at the capitol.
Prison Journalism Project Gives Incarcerated Writers A VoiceThe founders of the Prison Journalism Project, Shaheen Pasha & Yukari Iwatani Kane, speak with CBSN Bay Area about the new publication that trains inmates to write and publish their own stories .
Housing, Jobs, Healthcare Biggest Barriers To Reentry After Leaving PrisonFormerly incarcerated people face challenges big and small after leaving prison - from navigating the supermarket to stable housing and employment. CBSN Bay Area's Len Kiese spoke with Yukari Kane, co-founder of the Prison Journalism Project, and Jesse Vasquez, program coordinator for Arsola Distribution and Community Services.
Incarcerated Writer At San Quentin Prison On Living Through Outbreak, Vaccines28 incarcerated men at San Quentin Prison and 1 guard died last year from Covid-19 complications. Now vaccines are being administered at San Quentin and across the California prison system. CBSN Bay Area's Len Kiese spoke with the co-founders of the Prison Journalism Project Yukari Iwatani Kane & Shaheen Pasha, as well as incarcerated writer Joe Garcia, in our ongoing series.
Prison Educational Programs Shuttered By Covid-19 Pandemic Have Big BenefitsEducational programs are crucial to the rehabilitation of incarcerated people. Studies have shown pursuing an education in prison drops recidivism rates by 43 percent. For every dollar spent on prison education, give dollars is saved on costs of reincarceration. These programs have been shuttered across the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic. CBSN Bay Area's Emily Turner spoke with Shaheen Pasha of the Prison Journalism Project, Jody Lewen, president of Mt. Tamalpais and Marcus Blevins, who is seeking a graduate degree after a 25 year sentence, about the importance of education in prison.
Leaving Prison During the Covid-19 PandemicThe Covid-19 pandemic has brought special challenges to those reentering society from prison. CBSN Bay Area's Michelle Griego spoke with Yukari Kane, co-founder of the Prison Journalism Project and Jonathan Chiu, who was released from San Quentin Prison last May.
Systemic Racism Embedded In Foster Care To Prison PipelineThe instability many feel in the foster care system leads to higher rates of entering the justice system.
Update: Influential Music Producer Phil Spector Dies In California PrisonInfluential Music Producer Phil Spector, whose 'wall of sound' fashioned some of the greatest rock hits of the 1960s and 1970s, has died of natural causes while serving a second-degree murder sentence in the California Health Care Facility, state prison authorities announced Sunday.
COVID: State Obtains Vaccines For Stockton Prison Medical FacilityInmates and staff at a Stockton prison facility for convicts with special medical needs received COVID-19 vaccinations, which will be some of the first administered in the state.