Local Startup Helps Bay Area Teachers Buy HomesWhile lack of affordable housing is the number one reason many educators leave the Bay Area, one local startup is hoping to help with that problem.
Short-Term Rental Company Suing San Francisco Developer To Get Out Of LeaseA controversial short-term rental company is engaging in a fight with a San Francisco real estate developer. Sonder wants to break its lease on a Market Street apartment building, blaming the city's moratorium on evictions for lost revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Residents, Developers Spar Over West Side San Francisco Housing ProjectsThe Sunset and Richmond districts on the west side of San Francisco have become the new frontier for housing developers.
Project Home: Luxury Home Sales Rebound In New Pandemic Work-From-Home CultureLuxury home sales have hit a record high, all thanks to the work-from-home culture. Realtors say the wine country has gone from a second home market to a primary home market overnight.
Project Home: Deaths Of Homeless People In Santa Clara County More Than Quadruple Since 2000Public records on homeless deaths in Santa Clara County, obtained by KPIX, show a staggering increase from 31 deaths in 2000, to 166 in 2019. Every year the body count climbs.
History Of Redlining, Predatory Lending, Systemic Racism Impacts Black Home Ownership In Bay AreaVanessa Bulnes says if you don’t think racism in housing still exists, just drive through her neighborhood.
San Francisco Sunset District Residents Fight Proposed Housing DevelopmentAs San Francisco struggles with one of the worst housing crises in the nation, developers are eyeing the city’s western neighborhoods as the new frontier. But when a developer started on construction to expand the only existing apartment building on their block, they put up a fight.
Project Home: Soaring Home Prices, Systemic Discrimination Drive Resegregation In Bay Area CommunitiesResearchers at UC Berkeley are mapping the increased resegregation of the housing market as large Bay Area cities become wealthier and whiter.
Nightmare Scenario Unfolds For COVID-19 Frontline Health Care WorkerThroughout the pandemic we’ve watched healthcare workers protest a lack of personal protective equipment, seen tens of millions of Americans file for unemployment and heard stories from families on the edge who worry their inability to pay rent could cost them their homes, Jenny Moreno has personally experienced all three of these hardships all while her 25-year-old daughter was sick with COVID-19.
San Francisco Weighs Permanent COVID-19 Eviction ProtectionsCity officials in San Francisco are considering extending eviction protections that were put in place during COVID-19 indefinitely.
Future Uncertain For Tenants In Rent-Controlled Building On UC Berkeley CampusIn a sea of bright orange brick that marks the grandiosity of the University of California, Berkeley campus, tenants inside a 111-year-old building on Walnut St. are fighting to keep their heads above water.