Sonoma DA To Clear Nearly 3,000 Marijuana-Related ConvictionsThe Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office is directing staff to begin clearing nearly 3,000 cannabis-related convictions.
California Pot Shops Roll Out Hoopla As Sales Set To StartMarijuana legalization arrives Monday in California with lots of hoopla, but only a handful of cities will initially have retail outlets ready to sell recreational pot.
Half Moon Bay Aims For Open Approach To Recreational CannabisAs many Bay Area cities are trying to figure out where they stand on the sale of legal recreational pot, Half Moon Bay officials are discussing ground rules for locals to grow marijuana.
Legalization Allows Some Californians To Reduce Their Pot ConvictionsWith the legalization of pot in California, some previous convictions are going up in smoke.
Buzz Kill: California Police Train To Detect Drugged DriversPolice across California are scrambling to keep up with the pending legalization of recreational pot by increasing training to spot drug-impaired drivers.
Californians Vote To Legalize Pot With Resounding 'Yes' On Prop 64California voters passed Proposition 64 to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, giving a big boost to the campaign to end the drug's national prohibition.
California Votes On Recreational Pot, Considers Impact Of Driving HighIf Proposition 64 passes, some of the money will fund research that will help answer the question: Who exactly is driving while high?
Marijuana Legalization Movement Courting Moms To Back Prop. 64For 20 years now, political pundits have been talking about, and obsessing over, "soccer moms." But this year, they could be the key to legalizing marijuana for recreational use.
Berkeley Medical Marijuana Club Not Nervous About Legalizing Recreational UseWith polls showing that California voters are likely to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, one might think that medical cannabis clubs are nervous about losing customers. Some are quite the opposite.
Some Critics Warn Of Promised Financial Benefits Of Prop 64While California appears set to follow Colorado's lead on legalized recreational pot, some critics claim voters were fooled by a false promise by marijuana backers in that state.
San Jose Adopts Urgency Ordinance Prohibiting Recreational PotAn urgency ordinance passed Tuesday by the San Jose City Council will prohibit recreational marijuana use ahead of the Nov. 8 election when Proposition 64 could receive the green light on the statewide ballot.