Licensed Marijuana Businesses Struggle to Stay Solvent as Black-Market Producers Drain Cash From MarketFor many of those trying to make it in California's legal cannabis market, just keeping the lights on has been a survival story.
San Francisco Nonprofit To Help Chicago Clear Marijuana Convictions Ahead Of Recreational Cannabis Law
'This Ain't Your Mother's Marijuana," Surgeon General SaysFederal health officials issued a national warning Thursday against marijuana use by adolescents and pregnant women, as more states legalize the increasingly potent drug for medicinal and recreational use.
California Laws On Recreational Cannabis May Be Hurting Medicinal Patients Who Need PotThree years ago, Californians voted for Proposition 64, which legalized recreational marijuana. Now, in an odd twist, the rules that allow people to use cannabis for fun may be shutting out people who need it to survive.
Driving While High: Offenders Don't Think They'll Be ArrestedA new survey released by AAA shows an alarming trend: more people are admitting they are driving high and many don’t think they will get caught.
San Francisco DA: Computer Algorithm To Help Dismiss Thousands Of Pot ConvictionsSan Francisco's district attorney's office will dismiss some 9,000 marijuana convictions with the use of technology to identify cases made eligible through the passage of California's law allowing use of recreational marijuana.
California's Legal Pot Rush Falls Short For DispensariesJust one year ago, the arrival of legalized, recreational marijuana came with a good bit of celebration in California’s cannabis industry. One year later, that same industry is licking its wounds after a long, tough year.
Golden State Growers Produce Purer PotCalifornia marijuana producers are seeing a higher percentage of buds, oils and other products clear strict safety tests.
Marijuana Stocks Up After AG Sessions ResignsCanadian pot company Tilray rallied 30 percent on news that U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions would step down, CBS News reports.
State Marijuana Taxes Pick Up but Still Far Off TargetMarijuana cultivation and excise tax collections hit $48 million between April and June, well below the windfall envisioned by the state.
California Airbnb Offers "Bud And Breakfast" -- Pot IncludedSo-called "bud and breakfast" rentals are popping up across California, a new take on the traditional weekend getaway experience that spices things up with cannabis.