California Restaurants Impacted By COVID-19 May Soon Be Allowed To Renegotiate RentsRestaurants, bars, and cafes across California may soon be able to renegotiate their rents due to the coronavirus pandemic, under a proposal being considered in the legislature.
State Senate Proposal Tackles Rents, Economic Recovery From CoronavirusThe government would cover rent payments for some low-income Californians impacted by the coronavirus under a proposal backed by state Senate leaders.
Coronavirus Update: Rent Protesters Stage Caravans On San Jose StreetsAs part of a May Day observance, demonstrators drove a caravan of vehicles throughout San Jose to advocate for international workers rights and call on local legislators to enact rent cancellations during the coronavirus economic emergency.
Coronavirus Update: Out Of Work Bay Area Residents Face Another Rent Due DateFriday is the first of the month, meaning rent is due for hundreds of thousands of people across the Bay Area.
Coronavirus Update: San Mateo County Issues Moratorium On Rent Increases Through MaySan Mateo County supervisors on Tuesday passed an emergency moratorium on rent increases.
Coronavirus Update: 2 San Jose City Leaders Push For COVID-19 Rent FreezeWhile Governor Gavin Newsom imposed a ban on evictions during the coronavirus pandemic so people wouldn’t get thrown out of their apartments, two San Jose City Council members are taking the next step, saying they shouldn’t have to pay anything.
Historic Job Loss Numbers Lead To Flood Of Unemployment Claims In CaliforniaCalifornia's demand for unemployment benefits is reaching historic levels. The state Employment Development Department says claims are up 370 percent.
'Starting To Get Terrifying': Anxiety Spikes As Rents Come Due For First Time Since Coronavirus Shelter-In-Place BeganOn this April 1, rents across the country, state and Bay Area are due while many are out of work and sheltering in place.
Coronavirus Pandemic: Bay Area's Newly Unemployed Worry About Paying Bills, RentA record number of Californians are filing for unemployment due to the coronavirus pandemic. Normally, the state sees 2,000 unemployment insurance applications a day. Governor Gavin Newsom said it received 150,000 on Monday and 1.6 million in total.
Coronavirus Update: Oakland City Council Approves COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium Through May 31The Oakland City Council voted unanimously at a special meeting on Friday to approve an emergency ordinance imposing a moratorium on residential and commercial evictions, rent increases and late fees during the novel coronavirus epidemic.
Coronavirus Update: Alameda, Santa Clara, Marin Counties Approve Temporary Eviction MoratoriumGiving a break to renters during the coronavirus outbreak, Alameda, Marin and Santa Clara counties on Tuesday approved temporary moratoriums on evictions because of circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
Berkeley Mayor Pushes Policy To Put Renters FirstBerkeley mayor Jesse Arreguin proposed a new housing policy Thursday aimed at giving renters first dibs when a property goes up for sale
Housing Activists' Protest Disrupts Valentine Dining at SF TavernChanting “housing is a human right,” several dozen activists walked into a popular San Francisco restaurant on Friday evening, interrupting patrons' Valentine dinner to call out the establishment's landlord as a heartless mega-corporation determined to squeeze renters.
Oakland Protesters: Luxury Units Sit Empty While Residents Lack Affordable HousingSaturday’s march through the streets of Oakland wrapped up a week of housing protests. This day the protestors' message was that this is not a problem of scarcity.
San Francisco Landlord Agrees To Stop Passthrough Rent Increases On TenantsA fight between rent controlled tenants and San Francisco’s largest landlord has reached a truce.