17 Strange Weather Facts For An Odd Bay Area Summer DayWell, since it’s Friday, let's look at some fun (and totally useless) fun weather facts!
What Causes Dry Lightning?The term, “dry lightning” is used when lightning is occurring without significant precipitation. If you think about it, the “dry” lightning is a bit redundant, because last time I checked, lightning is not wet. But everyone uses the term because it is so descriptive!
Is California's Drought To Blame For An Increase In Falling Tree Branches?Last Friday, a huge tree just fell over at Mt. Diablo, injuring a couple of campers. Officials are saying this is probably a result of the drought and the local “beetle” bug.
Roberta's Forecast For The Most Fun Events This Holiday WeekendRoberta's five picks for fun over the holiday weekend.
Dry Weather Bringing A Longer Fire Season: 13 Tips Homeowners Should KnowBecause of the 4-year drought, fire season is now 24/7, 12 months a year. Here are helpful tips and reminders for all of us.
17 Bay Area Cities To Hit 100 Degrees, But You Won't Be Sweating Like A PigToday’s temperatures in our Inland areas will soar to 108 degrees which got me thinking, where does the term “sweating like a pig” come from?
108 Degrees: Who Will Get The Worst Of The Coming Bay Area Heat Wave?East Bay neighborhoods will be in the triple digits for the next couple of days. As temperatures peak on Wednesday, a “Heat Advisory” may be issued.
19 Nearby Towns That Could Hit 100 Degrees On ThursdayFor the first time this summer season, the thermometer will hit or exceed 100 degrees in many places Thursday. Here is a look at the hottest cities around the Bay Area! You will notice the heat is primarily focused on the East and North Bay.
Charitable Contributions Make Marathons Worth The PainOn Sunday, July 26, I will be running gin the San Francisco Half and Full Marathon. This time it’s for another really cool charity, “Team Generation Alive”, which is the brainchild of Sa Francisco Giants Jeremy Affeldt and Larisa Affeldt.
KPIX Studios Getting All Dressed Up For A Good CauseBig doings are going on here at our KPIX studios. Our production studio is getting a new layer of polish, banners and signs are being erected and telephone banks have been established. We are all gearing up for something very special.
Warriors Parade Forecast: Cloudy Skies, Big Party In OaklandThe City of Oakland will host a championship parade and victory rally for the NBA champion Golden State Warriors on Friday. It took 40 years for the Warriors to win the title, so the Parade has been a long time coming and I am going to savor each step!
Where Did The Term 'Socked In' Come From?The term, “socked in” is tossed around during our “June gloom” foggy mornings here in the San Francisco Bay Area. But where did such a term come from?
Do El Niño Predictions Mean We'll Have A Wet Summer And Fall?It is very important to understand, just because the weather computer models are pointing in the direction of a powerful El Niño later this year does NOT mean it will happen! Last year, these same computer models indicated THIS past winter (2014-2015) would be wet, and we know how all that turned out!
We're Used To Warm Weather Fog, But Why All Of This Wind?No matter where you are in the Bay Area, you can actually FEEL the difference in our weather today. We have so many different elements happening! Let’s begin with the wind.
Hot Weather May Turn To Thunderstorms By Tuesday As Tropical Storm Blanca ApproachesFirst, let’s begin with today! A heat advisory is in effect for our inland areas as temperatures soar into the triple digits for the first time this year. The hottest locations will be in the East Bay. Concord, Clayton, Pleasanton and Livermore will all hit near 103 degrees. Brentwood, Tracy, Mountain House, Discovery Bay could even be hotter. With this kind of heat, the potential for fire danger increases.