2 Found Dead Inside RV Parked Near San Jose Grocery StoreTwo people were found dead overnight inside an RV parked outside a grocery store in a San Jose shopping center, police said Tuesday.
Man Arrested For Allegedly Burglarizing Occupied Motorhome In Redwood City; 3rd Arrest In WeekA man was arrested for the third time in one week after allegedly breaking into an occupied motorhome in Redwood City, police said.
Combating Coronavirus Cabin Fever, New RV Buyers Are Ready to RoamSummer vacations may be transformed during the COVID-19 pandemic, with RV sales and rentals soaring and a record number of Americans about to take the road less traveled.
One Injured As 2-Alarm RV Fire Spreads To San Jose HomesOne person was injured and two homes heavily damaged late Wednesday night when a 2-alarm fire erupted in a backyard RV and quickly spread to the houses, forcing 15 residents to flee to safety.
SF Setting Up RVs In Presidio, Other Locations To Quarantine People Exposed To COVID-19 As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in San Francisco reaches 14, the city announced Tuesday it's identifying quarantine locations for those who don't need hospitalization and can't self-isolate.
Questions Surround Non-Profit's Efforts To Provide RVs To Bay Area HomelessCould trailers be a new temporary fix for California's growing homelessness crisis? Some people tell KPIX one local company offered them deals that were too good to be true.
13 People Arrested After Pittsburg Police Raid RVA raid in Contra Costa County has led 13 arrests and an array of drug and prostitution charges, and police said it was all linked to an RV.
Female Suspect With 2 Dogs In Stolen Motor Home Leads LA Police On Wild ChaseA woman with two dogs stole a motor home in Los Angeles Tuesday night, leading authorities on a wild chase through the San Fernando Valley.
East Palo Alto Launching Parking Program For People Living In RV'sThe city of East Palo Alto has launched a program to provide people living in recreational vehicles with space to park overnight along with restrooms, showers and laundry services in response to the Bay Area’s housing crisis.
E. Palo Alto May Give Homeless People Living In RVs A Permanent Place To ParkEast Palo Alto's plan to provide people living in motor homes and RVs a permanent place to park is getting mixed reviews.
Police Chase Motorhome Through Southern CaliforniaPolice and California Highway Patrol officers spent hours chasing a motorhome along streets and highways in Southern California Tuesday.