Prosecutors: Illegal Assault Rifle Used In Killing Of Sacramento Police OfficerCalifornia prosecutors have filed a murder charge alleging that a Sacramento man used an illegal assault rifle to kill a rookie police officer.
Slain Sacramento Police Officer "Will Never Be Forgotten"A rookie Sacramento police officer, who grew up in Pleasant Hill, died of her wounds early Thursday after she was shot while investigating a domestic violence call, authorities said.
CA Lawmakers Want To Give A Million Convicts Who Served Time Clean RecordsCalifornia Democratic lawmakers are considering two bills that would automatically erase the records of convicts who have served their time.
California Bill To Require Warning Labels On Sodas, Other Sugary Drinks AdvancesSodas and other sugary drinks sold in California could soon require a health warning label to alert consumers of the risk of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.
Assembly Passes Bill Giving Local School Districts Power To Deny Funds For Home SchoolingA major fight is brewing in Sacramento over the effect charter schools are having on public education.  And caught up in that battle are people who educate their kids at home.
Proposal To Fast Track Housing Construction All Over California Delayed Until 2020Faced with a growing homeless population, and an escalating housing crisis, a proposal that would have sped up construction all over California has hit a massive speed bump.
1 killed, 3 Shot and Wounded at Sacramento Apartment ComplexA woman was killed and three others, including a 4-year-old boy, were wounded by gunfire in an apartment complex in South Sacramento Friday night.
Men Who Appear To Key Tesla Caught On Video By Car's Sentry ModeTwo men were caught on video allegedly scratching a Tesla in Old Sacramento with their keys, and they appear to be unaware they were being filmed.
150th 'Golden Spike' Anniversary Celebrates First Transcontinental RailroadMusic, bells and cannon fire rang out Friday in the Utah desert where the final spike of the Transcontinental Railroad was hammered into place 150 years ago by Leland Stanford, opening the far West to a new wave of expansion.
List Of 44 Sacramento-Area Priests Accused Of Sex Abuse ReleasedA Northern California newspaper has released a list of more than 40 Sacramento-area priests accused of sexual abuse.
California Killer Accused In Gruesome Beheading, Torturing Of CellmateOne convicted killer has been accused of beheading another in what authorities call an exceptionally sadistic torture slaying at a Northern California prison.