Vendors At San Jose Berryessa Flea Market Plead Hope to Survive Transit DevelopmentA massive flea market that has become a San Jose institution may be torn down for a new transit development, but families who have worked there for generations are pleading with the city for help.
San Jose Lawmakers Approve Plan To Punish Sideshow PromotersThe San Jose City Council voted unanimously, Tuesday night, to move forward with a proposal to create harsher punishments for people who promote and post about sideshows on social media.
San Jose Eyes Extension To Al Fresco Program To Keep Businesses Open OutdoorsSan Jose leaders want to keep businesses open safely outdoors by extending San Jose's Al Fresco program. But a rule that allowed businesses to run on city-owned parking lots, streets and parks free of charge is set to expire by the end of the month.
San Jose Plan To Crack Down On Illegal Side Shows Targets Promoters On Social MediaA plan to crack down on sideshows and street racing before they hit the streets will be a topic of serious concern when San Jose city council members meet on Tuesday.
San Jose Advances Toward Requiring Grocery Store Worker Hazard PayThe San Jose City Council is one step closer in requiring some grocery store employees get a pay boost in the form of hazard pay during the pandemic.
VTA Faces Resistance Over Using Measure B Funds for BARTThe Valley Transportation Authority faced widespread criticism this week for a controversial proposal to spend a large share of voter-approved sales tax revenue to fund BART construction at the likely expense of other transportation projects.
San Jose Lawmakers Vote To Give City Council Power To Release Police Body Cam VideoA police reform arising from the George Floyd protests was enacted by the San Jose City Council on Tuesday. The council voted unanimously to give itself the power to release body cam video.
San Jose City Council Members Condemn Racist Ads Following SVO FalloutSeveral San Jose City Councilmembers condemned the use of racist political ads Friday morning, noting that the recent controversy at the Silicon Valley Organization is a problem that’s existed for years.
San Jose: Lawmakers Review Enforcement, Citations For Illegal FireworksIllegal firework usage nearly tripled this year in San Jose compared to last year and the city needs a new way to enforce and control it.
San Jose Expands and Extends Tax Break on Small Business LicensesIn an effort to relieve small businesses suffering during the pandemic, the San Jose city council has unanimously agreed to expand a tax break even though it will cost the city $1 million.
Clean Up Begins At Large Illegal Dumpsite In South San JoseThe city of San Jose and Union Pacific Railroad on Monday began cleaning up one of the biggest illegal dumpsites the South Bay has seen.