San Jose City Council Supports Restoring Voting Rights to ParoleesThe San Jose City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to endorse a measure slated for the November ballot that restores voting rights to formerly incarcerated individuals.
San Jose City Council Votes to Allow Police to Use Rubber BulletsDespite backlash from San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and community activists, the City Council voted 10-1 on Tuesday to allow police officers to continue the use of rubber bullets and other projectile impact weapons in some crowded situations if they are directly attacked.
San Jose City Council to Discuss Amnesty for Parking TicketsThe San Jose City Council is looking into an amnesty program that could give parking scofflaws a reason to pay up.
'A Mess Out There' - San Jose Looks At Spending $3 Million On Cleaning Illegal Dumpsites, BlightSan Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and three councilmembers will introduce a plan that will dedicate $1 million a month until the end of the year to clean illegal dumpsites and pick up trash from the streets.
San Jose Approves Commercial Development Fees for Affordable HousingAfter more than five years of stalled talks, San Jose plans to start charging commercial developers fees to fund affordable housing - a move housing advocates said is long overdue.
San Jose City Attorney Dies Weeks After RetirementFormer San Jose City Attorney Rick Doyle died on Sunday at the age of 65, two weeks after celebrating his retirement and ending two decades of service defending the city. 
San Jose City Council Approves Renegotiation for Emergency Food ReliefThe San Jose City Council approved the renegotiating of emergency food distribution contracts Wednesday night so they extend through October. 
San Jose Council Votes To Put ‘Strong Mayor’ Proposal On November BallotA measure to reform the city of San Jose's campaign finance and conflict-of-interest laws, increase the mayor's power and add two years to current Mayor Liccardo's term will be on the November ballot after a city council vote.
San Jose City Leaders, Residents Endure Rise In 'Zoombombings'San Jose City Council member Raul Peralez fell victim to hackers twice in one week in a new online harassment trend. The trend, known as "Zoombombing" is when video conferences are interrupted by unwanted visitors, who often display pornography or slurs.
Coronavirus Pandemic: San Jose City Council Passes Emergency Paid Sick Leave OrdinanceThe San Jose City Council on Wednesday unanimously approved an emergency paid sick leave ordinance, providing much needed relief for essential employees who are still working during the coronavirus pandemic.
Coronavirus Pandemic: San Jose City Council Proposes Extended Paid Sick LeaveThe coronavirus pandemic could be spurring a needed benefit for San Jose workers: extended paid sick leave. An estimated 35% of San Jose workers don't have any paid sick leave, with women, blacks and Latinos particularly at risk, city officials said.
Proposed San Jose Hills Vineyard Could Serve As Fire BreakA plan to build a massive vineyard on some barren hillsides in the middle of San Jose is getting some attention at City Hall.
Crackdown On E-Cigarette Sales Sought By San Jose City CouncilmemberA San Jose city councilmember has initiated a process to try and limit or ban the sale of e-cigarettes within the city.
Increase In Sexual Assaults Prompt Call For Action From San Jose City CouncilmembersIn a show of solidarity, all five women on the San Jose City Council held a special press conference to bring attention to the alarming increase in sexual assaults in the city over the past decade.
San Jose City Council Approves Ordinance Targeting Sideshow SpectatorsThe San Jose City Council unanimously voted on Tuesday evening to pass a proposed ordinance targeting sideshow spectators.