Private Jet Terminal At SJ Mineta Allegedly Shared Secret Security Codes With Tech ExecsA company that caters to elite travelers is under federal investigation for allegedly allowing Silicon Valley tech execs access onto highly restricted airport property at San Jose Mineta International.
Fire-Suppression Foam Cascades From Airport Hangar in Santa ClaraA test of fire-suppression foam by a company near San Jose Mineta International Airport went awry, filling nearby streets with the white substance, according to Santa Clara Police.
Passenger's Backpack Catches Fire At Mineta San Jose AirportA backpack that caught on fire near a boarding gate at Mineta San Jose International Airport was quickly extinguished Wednesday evening, an airport spokeswoman said Thursday.
Woman Pleads For Help After Losing $32K Ring At San Jose AirportA Southern California woman offered a plea for help Thursday, almost a week after after accidentally leaving her engagement ring behind at the San Jose Mineta International Airport.
American Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing At San Jose AirportAn American Airlines flight bound for Mineta San Jose International Airport made a safe emergency landing Thursday afternoon after a possible mechanical issue, airline officials said.
Iselle To Give Hawaii First Hurricane In 22 Years; Most Flights To The Islands Still ScheduledHawaii residents prepared for what could be the first hurricane to hit the state in more than 22 years strengthened and will likely make landfall on the Big Island Thursday afternoon and Hurricane Julio--which strengthened into a Category 2 storm--was is swirling closely behind. Many Bay Area travelers, remain undaunted and are still headed for the islands.
Computer Problem Causing Boarding Issues, Delays At San Jose AirportA computer glitch was causing significant passenger delays at San Jose Mineta International Airport Friday morning.
Father Of Jetliner Stowaway Says He'll Bring Son Home To CaliforniaThe father of the teenager who climbed into the wheel well of a jet at the San Jose airport and survived a 5 1/2-hour trip flight to Hawaii says he plans to fly to Hawaii soon to bring his son home to California.
Surveillance Video Shows Teen Stowaway Climbing Into Wheel Well of JetAirport surveillance video could dispel doubts that a 15-year-old boy from the Bay Area actually hitched a ride aboard a passenger jet and flew from San Jose Mineta International Airport to Maui over the weekend, and survived the flight.
Dozens Of Bay Area Flights Cancelled Due To Weather In EastFreezing temperatures and snow in Chicago and on the East Coast caused the cancellation of dozens of flights in and out of Bay Area airports Monday.
San Jose Airport Terminal Slowly Reopening After Flooding