Nearly 200 Sickened From Shigella Bacteria In 6 Bay Area CountiesA Mexican seafood restaurant in San Jose has been linked with nearly 200 people becoming sick, including dozens with a contagious diarrhoeal disease, Santa Clara County public health officials said Tuesday.
Shigella Bacterial Outbreak At San Jose Restaurant Grows To 5 CountiesSeventy-two people are currently infected with the Shigella bacteria. Fifty-five are in Santa Clara County. The remaining 17 are in Santa Cruz, Alameda, Marin and Merced counties.
Over 140 People In 4 Counties Sick From Shigella Linked To San Jose Mexican RestaurantA San Jose restaurant linked with a contagious diarroheal disease has made 141 people sick in four counties, public health officials said Friday.
Shigella Outbreak Linked With San Jose Restaurant Spreads To Neighboring CountiesAn outbreak of an infectious intestinal illness linked with a San Jose restaurant that has left more than 100 people ill has spread to neighboring counties, a Santa Clara County public health official said Thursday.
Nearly 100 Sickened In Shigella Outbreak Linked To San Jose Mexican Restaurant, Lawsuits FiledTwo lawsuits were filed Wednesday against the owners of a San Jose Mexican restaurant where the food has made nearly 100 people ill and left 24 people with confirmed cases of Shigella, a contagious diarrhoeal disease.
Shigella Bacteria Infections From San Jose Seafood Restaurant RiseAt least 80 people have been sickened with an infectious diarrhoeal disease after eating at a Mexican seafood restaurant in San Jose, Santa Clara County public health officials announced Tuesday.
SF Public Health Officials Report Spike In Diarrhea-Inducing Shigella Bacterial Disease CasesSan Franciscans this month have experienced a significant increase in the number of cases of shigellosis, an intestinal bacterial disease, city Department of Public Health officials said on Friday.