Fleet Week Ramps Up With Blue Angels Practice & Ship Tours ThursdayThe roar of the Blue Angels flight squadron will rip through the sky as they perform in practice runs Thursday and Friday afternoon. Fulls shows will go on Saturday and Sunday for the first time in two years.
Blue Whale Study Shows Endangered Creatures Spending Time In Busy California Coast Shipping ChannelsA satellite study of blue-whale movements shows the endangered creatures cluster for long periods in busy shipping lanes off the California coast, putting them at risk for collisions with large vessels like the cargo ships going in and out of San Francisco Bay.
The World's Biggest Ship GraveyardNouadhibou is an African sea town, whose shores serve as the final resting place for more than 300 ships. The rusted hulks that litter its coastal waters are considered an eyesore by many (go figure), but they've brought some unexpected benefits to the local community as well.
Long Lines At Oakland Port After One-Day Union Stand DownLongshoremen returning to work Thursday at the Port of Oakland were met by a large back-up of trucks unable to deliver goods when the docks closed earlier in the week because a worker died on the job.
Ships Headed To SF Bay Asked To Slow Down To Avoid WhalesFederal officials are asking large ships to slow down as they approach San Francisco Bay to prevent collisions with whales.
Golden Gate Bridge Foghorn Operator Enjoys Blasting Signature SF SoundAfter 75 years, it’s easy to take for granted the foghorns booming from the Golden Gate Bridge as the legendary fog rolls in. Some in San Francisco's Marina District even consider them a nuisance.
Ships At Port Of Oakland Switch Off Diesel Engines Vessel operators of a Singapore-based container shipping line are taking the maritime industry in a new direction.