COVID: Oakland Unified School District Warns Of Potential Sickout By Some TeachersThe Oakland Unified School District warned parents Thursday that some teachers may stage what they described as an "illegal sickout" on Friday, as school districts across the Bay Area face staffing shortages during the COVID-19 omicron surge.
COVID: San Francisco Unified Faces Potential Teacher Sickout Amid Omicron SurgeAs COVID-19 cases due to the omicron variant continue to rise, the San Francisco Unified School District faces a potential sickout from teachers Thursday amid a heated debate over safety protocols.
Seeking New Contract, Dozens Of Oakland Teachers Stage SickoutDozens of teachers from throughout the Oakland Unified School District marched from Oakland High school to City Hall on Monday, many who called out sick to take part.
Phil Matier: SF Muni Sickout Didn’t Stop Some Employees From Picking Up PaychecksAn investigation has found that dozens of operators picked up their paycheck from Muni headquarters on days they called in sick.
Sources Say Labor And Management Reach Tentative Agreement Weeks After Muni Sickout Three weeks after San Francisco’s Muni operators staged a worker “sickout” that brought city buses, trains and trolleys to a halt; the transit agency and union leaders have now reached a tentative agreement.
Talks Halted In Labor Dispute Between San Francisco Muni Drivers, ManagementAfter the two sides returned to the bargaining table, in an effort to end a labor dispute, the union of transit operators has walked away from those negotiations.
SF Muni Director To KPIX 5: 'Lots' Of Options To Deal With SickoutsEd Reiskin, director of transportation of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, spoke with KPIX 5's Phil Matier Sunday about the status of Muni contract negotiations and whether the recent sickout action by some Muni employees is likely to continue.
Muni Gets Doctor's Notes From Majority Of Operators Who Called Out Sick, Snarling CommutesMuni says a majority of the 1,500 operators who called in sick this week have turned in doctors notes excusing their absences.
Union Advises San Francisco Muni Drivers To Get Back To WorkKCBS has learned that union leadership representing San Francisco Municipal Railway employees has advised all Muni drivers to go back to work.
Tourists Hoping For Iconic Cable Car Rides Disappointed During Muni 'Sickout'The Muni ‘sickout’, which entered a second day on Tuesday, has disappointed many tourists hoping to ride San Francisco's iconic cable cars.
SFMTA Asks Muni Workers Out Sick To Provide Doctor's Note Or Not Get PaidThe San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency employees who called in sick Tuesday will have to provide verification from their health care provider in order to be eligible to receive paid sick leave.