COVID Reopening: Uber Expects Employees At The Office At Least 3 Days A WeekAs offices reopen, Uber says its employees can work from home if they choose — but only for two days a week.
Elon Musk's Latest Venture -- Bluetooth-Enabled Implantable Chips For The BrainSilicon Valley high tech guru Elon Musk has tackled many future looking ventures -- electric cars, space travel, commuter tunnels and solar power storage. Now, he's added Bluetooth-enabled implantable chips for the brain.
US Supreme Court Sides With Google In $8 Billion Copyright Fight With OracleThe Supreme Court sided Monday with Google in an $8 billion copyright dispute with Oracle over the internet company’s creation of the Android operating system used on most smartphones worldwide.
Big Tech, Repair Shops Clash Over 'Right To Repair' Bill In NevadaTrade groups representing big tech companies faced off with independent repair shop owners in the Nevada Legislature over a proposal that would require manufacturers to give repair shops the ability to fix devices.
'F--- This Place' - Southwest Pilot Launches Expletive-Filled Tirade Against 'Liberal' Bay Area On Hot MicA Southwest Airlines pilot departing Mineta San Jose International Airport has been caught on an open mic delivering an expletive-filled rant against the liberal Bay Area population.
Google to Invest $1 Billion in California in 2021; $7 Billion Total Across U.S.Google said Thursday it plans to invest more than $7 billion in offices and data centers in the United States and create at least 10,000 additional full-time jobs this year with more than $1 billion targeted at California locations.
Facebook, Google Sued by West Virginia Newspaper PublisherA West Virginia newspaper publisher has filed an antitrust suit against Google and Facebook, which together receive roughly half of all digital ad dollars in the U.S. and are facing antitrust charges from federal and state authorities.
Google Workers Vote To Form Company's First-Ever Union; Will Workers At Other Silicon Valley Tech Giants Follow?Hundreds of employees at Google and its parent, Alphabet, have launched a union, a step that has sent shutters through the Silicon Valley tech giants that also represents the biggest and most organized challenge yet to the company's executive leadership.
COVID Becomes 3rd Leading Cause Of Death In Santa Clara County; 'Do Not Gather' Officials BegSince tech worker Patricia Dowd died of coronavirus in early February, the virus has taken a grim toll in Santa Clara County, growing into the third leading cause of death this year in Silicon Valley, health officials announced Wednesday.
Google Antitrust Lawsuit: Judge Sets 2023 Trial Date For Landmark CaseThe U.S. government's attempt to prove Google has been using its dominance of online search to stifle competition and innovation at the expense of consumers and advertisers won't go to trial for nearly three years.
Silicon Valley Exit: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Moves To Hawaiian Island While Company Moves HQ To TexasWhile software giant Oracle announced it would move its headquarters to Texas, becoming the latest Silicon Valley firm to leave the region, CEO Larry Ellison has reportedly moved to his Hawaiian island.