Speaker Pelosi Rips Up SOTU Speech As Trump Finishes AddressMoments after President Donald Trump finish his State of the Union address Tuesday night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pointedly ripped her paper copy of the speech in two as she stood on the dais behind him.
Pelosi Poses With House Democratic Women In White To Honor SuffragettesBay Area Democratic women in Congress posed front and center for a photo-op wearing white on Tuesday, just before President Trump's State of the Union Address.
Pelosi: Facebook A 'Shameful' Company, Helped In 'Misleading The American People'House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted Facebook as a "shameful" company on Thursday, further escalating tensions between Democratic leadership and the social media giant.
Trump Impeachment Trial: San Jose Rep. Zoe Lofgren Among House ProsecutorsHouse Democratic leaders have carried the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump across the U.S. Capitol in a formal procession to the Senate.
Pelosi Impeachment Tactics Trigger Trump Twitter FuryThe holiday vacation Pres. Trump once viewed as the precursor to a vindictive Senate trial has turned into a deadlocked interlude as he battles House speaker Nancy Pelosi over the time and place for his symbolic day in court.
Fact Check: Trump Falsely Claims He 'Opened' Apple Factory Making Computers Since 2013President Donald Trump went to Austin, Texas, on Wednesday to tour a factory where Apple's Mac Pro computers have been manufactured for about six years.
NorCal Rep. Garamendi: Time For Full House Vote On Trump Impeachment InquiryDemocratic Rep. John Garamendi of California on Wednesday said it's time for the House of Representatives to hold a formal, full chamber vote on opening an impeachment inquiry.
Newsom Signs Bill Banning 'Deep Fakes' Within 60 Days Of ElectionsCalifornia is trying to stop the use of deceptively edited videos and audio aimed at influencing elections.
House Speaker Pelosi Launches Formal Impeachment Inquiry Of President TrumpHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the establishment of a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump on Tuesday afternoon, setting up a dramatic constitutional clash just over a year before the presidential election.
List: Bay Area Representatives Who Backed Trump Impeachment Inquiry Ahead Of Pelosi AnnouncementSpeaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday the launch of a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.
Letter: Pelosi Hints At 'Whole New Stage Of Investigation' If Trump Blocks WhistleblowerHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco on Sunday again called for the administration to allow the whistleblower who has made the complaint to the Intelligence Community's Inspector General to come before Congress.