Oakland SRO Landlord To Pay $1 Million Following Tenants LawsuitA judge approved a $1 million settlement of a lawsuit filed on behalf of tenants of a SRO hotel in Oakland's Chinatown that alleged the owner tried to force them out.
Oakland's Chinatown Tenement Residents Face Unbearable Conditions, EvictionsDozens of residents enduring poor living conditions at a tenement building in Oakland's Chinatown neighborhood may face eviction.
Soaring Rents Force More San Francisco Families Into Single-Room Residential HotelsIn San Francisco, whole families are increasingly living in apartments that were intended to house only one person, according to a new report released Friday.
2 Bodies Found In 8 Months At Tenderloin Hotel Putting Residents On EdgeTwo deaths at a San Francisco Tenderloin hotel -- one which went unreported for nearly 60 days -- is sparking fear among residents.
Surviving In A Sea Of Wealth: San Francisco’s Tenderloin Endures Change, Protects Housing, And Looks To The FutureRandy Shaw, executive director for the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, talks about the district's history, how it got it's name, what led up to its seedy reputation and how it deals with gentrification while protecting housing.
Appeals Court Sides With Post Office On SRO Mail DeliveriesA federal appeals court earlier this week upheld the right of the U.S. Postal Service to deliver mail to a single central point, such as a desk clerk, instead of individual mailboxes in single-room-occupancy hotels in San Francisco.
Residents Complain Of Poor Living Conditions At SF Residential HotelsSan Francisco seniors and the disabled were at the Board of Supervisors meeting Monday to complain about the living conditions in single room occupancy hotels.