What's Behind The Spike In Bay Area Motorcycle Crashes?Halfway through this Thursday's morning commute, KCBS traffic reporter Kim Wonderley asked, "What's going on here?"
The Slow-Moving Disaster: Rising San Francisco Bay LevelsIt's a multi-billion dollar problem, it's sure to happen, it'll affect almost everyone in the Bay Area, and nobody is in charge of planning for it.
Jarryd Hayne Mania Growing; Madden Says 49ers Can't Cut Him NowJarryd Hayne's second straight attention-grabbing preseason performance for the 49ers has coach Jim Tomsula continuing his "let's not get ahead of ourselves here" routine, but the reality is on the edge of inescapable: this guy is going to make the team.
John Madden Headed To 'Happiness' Hall of Fame?Former Oakland Raiders coach John Madden is already in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and next month will be inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame.
Raiders Gone? John Madden's Not Ready For ThatThe writing on the wall seems to be getting more legible, and it spells trouble for Oakland Raiders fans. NFL owners plan to meet in October to hear proposals from cities hoping to build new stadiums to keep their teams from relocating, and Oakland hasn't been invited.
70th Anniversary Of WWII Concentration Camp Liberation; Remembrance Of Bay Area Men's Fateful DayKCBS Special Report: 'The Liberator And The Liberated' - The story of two Bay Area men from very different places, thrown together by fate as World War II wound down.
'Women Make 60 Percent Less' Statistic Is Troubling When Used As 'Fact'Once a soundbite or buzz phrase escapes into the wild, it's pretty tough to shove it back into its cage.
Time To End Tips? There Must Be A Better Way To Compensate Restaurant WorkersWhen San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer speaks, people tend to listen. I'm thrilled to see Bauer call for an end to the practice of tipping in restaurants, but I wonder if his call will be heard by the right people.
Presenting 'Both Sides' Of Vaccine Debate Gets Tricky During KCBS Interview With 'Age Of Autism' AuthorAfter weeks of listening to people revile the parents who don't get their kids vaccinated, I thought it would be a good idea to ask the people who question the childhood vaccination program why they think the way they do.
Commentary: Community Colleges Are Valuable, Not 'High Schools With Ashtrays'I'm going to sidestep the question of how we pay for this (and I realize that's a pretty big step) to focus on what's at the core of this: a recognition that community colleges are more than just "high schools with ashtrays", as they've often been called. Way more.
The 'KCBS Thanksgiving Kitchen' With Stan BungerKCBS's Morning Anchor Stan Bunger shared a turkey recipe for the Thanksgiving holiday...