California Democrats Temporarily Lose Assembly SupermajorityCalifornia Democrats will be without a supermajority in the Assembly for months and risk losing the two-thirds edge needed to pass tax and fee increases in the Senate.
East Bay Legislator Foiled In Effort To Remove Ban On Communists In State GovernmentRob Bonta is an East Bay assemblyman who thought he was introducing a simple bill. AB 22 would have removed part of California law that bans communists from working in state government.
Bay Area Republican Fights To Keep Her State Assembly SeatA race for a California state assembly seat is heating up. It’s the last seat held by a Bay Area Republican.
When You Can Expect To See Waldo Tunnel Renamed After Robin WilliamsAlmost a year after his death, the rainbow tunnel that connects San Francisco with Marin County will soon be named after actor and comedian Robin Williams.
Plan To Rename Tunnel After Robin Williams Passes State AssemblyThe bill by Assemblyman Marc Levine now heads to the Senate’s Transportation Committee.
San Francisco Is 2nd Leading City In U.S. For Ivory Imports Despite California Ban On Elephant PartsThe ivory trade continues to thrive and is certainly having an impact on the elephant population, but the SF SPCA's Dr. Jennifer Scarlett informs that San Francisco is the second leading city in the United States for ivory imports.
Committee Passes Phone Anti-Theft, Kill-Switch Measure—Heads To Full State Assembly A measure that would force smartphones sold in California to include a kill switch to try to stop the epidemic of phone thefts is now headed to the full state Assembly.
African-American Campaign Volunteers Claim Racial Profiling During East Bay CanvassingSome African-American campaign workers going door-to-door in the East Bay may be victims of racial profiling.
Unions Spending Big To Defeat ‘Ban BART Strike’ Politician In State Assembly Run Last year’s Bay Area Rapid Transit strikes are a central issue in one Bay Area election this year, as State Assembly candidate Steve Glazer faces an unlikely opponent for democrats, organized labor.
California Lawmakers Want Textbooks To Highlight President Obama’s Civil Rights Significance If the California State Assembly gets its way, students in the 7th to 12th grades will learn about the racial significance of the election of President Obama in their social studies classes.
Bill Would Give Parents Control Of Personal Information On Networking SitesThe state Senate has passed a bill that would allow parents to remove their children's personal information from social networking sites.