California Oversight Committee Finds Tax Breaks Are Costing BillionsThe Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes looked at 10 tax breaks enacted by the State Legislature and found they’ve been costing the state $6.3 billion over the past decade.
San Francisco Fears State Is Underfunding Prisoner TransferA state prison overcrowding fix that places post-sentenced prisoners into local hands has San Francisco officials fearing they'll get hundreds of troubled parolees, and not enough money to supervise them.
Audit Finds California Corrections Dept. Overpaid Some WorkersA new audit has found that California’s corrections department overpaid some employees for salaries and travel advances.
Amazon Gets Approval For Internet Sales Tax Inc. said the California Attorney General's Office has approved its petition for a referendum that would let voters decide whether to overturn a new law that forces online retailers to collect sales taxes in the state.
San Francisco To Shutter Courtrooms, Lay Off StaffSan Francisco Superior Court will be closing 25 courtrooms and laying of 40 percent of its staff come October 1 due to budget cuts.
San Jose, Union City Sue State Over Redevelopment ChangesGroups representing California redevelopment agencies and cities are suing the state to halt a change that would eliminate the agencies and funnel an estimated $1.7 billion to local services.
University Of California Regents Approve 9.6% Tuition HikeThe UC Board of Regents has approved a plan to raise student tuition by an additional 9.6% for the coming school year in response to a steep reduction in state support...
CSU Trustees Face Criticism Over School President’s Pay HikeThe new president at San Diego State University, Elliot Hirshman, will be receiving an annual salary of $400,000, some $100,000 more than his predecessor.
California Treasurer Prepares For Possible Federal DefaultCalifornia's state treasurer said he is preparing contingency plans in case the federal government misses its Aug. 2 deadline to raise the debt ceiling.
Out-Of-State Online Retailers Flee California's New Tax LawMore and more online shopping sites are dropping California merchants as a result of the state's new requirement that out of state retailers collect sales tax from California shoppers.
Funding For California’s War On Drugs Gutted By Budget CutsThe Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement could be shut down as a result of the $71 million cut to the Division of Law Enforcement budget approved by Governor Jerry Brown.
Firefighting Jet Contract Nixed Due To California BudgetJust as California's wildfire season begins, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has had to cut the contract for the nation's biggest firefighting jet.
Phil Matier: New Report Shows High Salaries For State EmployeesCalifornia's State Controller John Chiang has released another report showing the high salaries of some state employees.
Gov. Brown’s Last-Minute Budget Cuts Hurt Bay Area Public TransitThe budget Gov. Jerry Brown signed Thursday included line item vetoes that left public transit agencies around the state scrambling to make up millions of lost funding.
Protesters Rally Against Alameda County Budget CutsSeveral assistance programs took a beating from the budget Gov. Jerry Brown signed this week and Alameda County’s latest spending plan.