In California Budget, Some See A Year Of Magical ThinkingDuring his State of the State address in January, Gov. Jerry Brown acknowledged California's deep financial hole but also expressed faith in the state's ability to rebound and surprise its doubters.
4th Of July Plans In Doubt At 70 California State ParksThis could be the last 4th of July for a quarter of California's state parks as several are slated to close around this time next year as part of the budget deal.
San Jose Mayor Accuses Gov. Of Illegal Money Grab The mayors of California's 10 largest cities have issued a statement protesting the governor signing bills to eliminate redevelopment funds, which would take $1.7 billion from local governments.
Brown Signs Rare On-Time California BudgetGov. Jerry Brown has signed a rare on-time budget a day before the start of California’s fiscal year, a package that is a combination of spending cuts, fee hikes and the promise of higher tax revenue that might never materialize.
Amazon To Cut Off California-Based Web Affiliates Over Sales Inc. said Wednesday that it will stop working with online affiliates based in California since the state passed a new rule that forces online retailers to collect sales tax.
San Francisco Democrat Optimistic About State Budget CompromiseState Senator Mark Leno said he remains optimistic that legislators will come to an agreement over the state budget this week.
Phil Matier: No Budget, No Pay For California LawmakersFew tears are being shed for California lawmakers as the man who cuts the state's paychecks decided that the Legislature will not be paid their salaries until they balance the state's annual spending plan.
Controller Halts Pay For California LawmakersCalifornia's state controller on Tuesday halted paychecks for state lawmakers, saying their recently-submitted budget plan to Gov. Jerry Brown was not balanced as required by law.
Next Step In California Budget Debate Remains UnclearWith 10 days left before California starts a new fiscal year, Democratic and Republican lawmakers are looking to Gov. Jerry Brown for his next move. What that is, he's not saying.
California Lawmakers Speculate Next Move Following Brown's Budget VetoGovernor Brown's unexpected veto on Thursday, California still does not have a budget and state lawmakers are scratching their heads about what to do next.
Santa Clara Supervisors Slash Funding For Non-ProfitsSanta Clara County supervisors faced with a $220 million budget deficit are cutting funding for some 50 non-profit community organizations by 25 percent.
Brown's Veto Could Spark 'War' Over California BudgetWith lawmakers united only in their anger at Gov. Jerry Brown, the coming days and weeks won't be pretty, experts predict.
Brown Vetoes California Budget Passed By DemocratsGov. Jerry Brown has vetoed the Democratic budget plan approved Wednesday in the Legislature, restarting talks over how to close California’s $9.6 billion deficit.
San Jose Mayor Applauds Budget Veto, Pushes To Protect RedevelopmentGov. Jerry Brown’s veto of the spending bills passed by the Democrats does not go far enough to protect local control of redevelopment money that California cities depend on, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said Thursday.
New California Budget Raises Revenue Through Internet Sales TaxThe spending plan approved Wednesday by Democrats requires companies to collect the state sales tax on online purchases made by California residents.