COVID: Supply Chain, Price Hikes, High Demand Hurting South Bay Food PantriesSupply chain problems during the pandemic has caused soaring prices at the grocery store. The price hikes, and the growing demand for food is taking a toll at local food pantries.
'This Is Not Just Any Usual Recovery': Economist Explains Rash Of Price Hikes, Product ShortagesShortages and higher prices could remain common, as companies struggle with their supply chains and try to predict post-COVID demand during a surge in spending.
Coronavirus Update: Concerns Raised Over Meat Supply Chain After Processing Plant OutbreaksThere are new concerns these days about the security of the nation’s food supply chain. Last week, several major meat processors closed their doors due to coronavirus infections among workers, affecting people all across the country.
Coronavirus Update: Local Sourcing Dodges COVID-19 Challenges To Meat Supply ChainWith a major meat processing plant in the Midwest closing down over the weekend due to a coronavirus infections among its workers, concerns have been raised about the national food supply chain.
Corner Stores Offer Essential Supplies During Coronavirus ShortagesBay Area residents still trying to replenish some elusive supplies during the COVID-19 outbreak may find their best bet for tracking them down is just around the corner from their house.
North Bay Grocery Store Shelves Refilled After Spate Of Coronavirus Panic BuyingAfter struggling with high demand and panic buying earlier in the week, on Thursday the shelves on some North Bay grocery stores appeared to be recovering.
San Francisco CMO Suggests A Career In Supply Chain ManagementGreg Johnsen is the CMO of GT Nexus, an industry leading Bay Area company that manages a cloud supply chain platform and hosts of one of the top supply chain events in the country.
SF Protestors Demand Apple Improve Factory ConditionsPetitions were delivered to Apple stores in San Francisco and other cities around the world Thursday calling on the tech giant to do more to improve working conditions at its factories overseas.