Marijuana Chemical THC Detected In Water Of Colorado TownOfficials told residents of a small Colorado community not to drink or shower in tap water Thursday because one of the town's wells may have been contaminated with THC.
Chemical In Pot That Gets You High May Prevent Alzheimer's DiseaseThe same chemical in marijuana that causes people to get high may also protect their brains from the ravages of Alzheimer's disease.
When It Comes To Marijuana, How High Is Too High To Drive?When it comes to marijuana smoking, how high is too high to drive? Maria Medina asked stoners and legal experts and got very different answers.
New Breathalyzer Can Detect Marijuana Smoke On Drivers' Breath With AccuracyPolice checkpoints looking for drunk drivers may soon be able to detect marijuana-impairment with accuracy.
Medicinal Pot-Laced Doggie Treats Won't Get Fido High... But They May Get Him WellAn Oakland-based company is making pot-laced treats for ailing pampered pooches that owners say don't get them high, they get them well. They're called Treat-ibles.
California Lawmakers Not Planning Crackdown On Marijuana DUI’sFor the first time in three years, California lawmakers won’t debate cracking down on drivers who have marijuana in their systems.
Non-Regulated, Edible Marijuana Sending Increasing Number Of People To Emergency RoomDoctors say they are seeing a jump in the number of people seeking help at emergency rooms after eating too much marijuana.
Study: Active Ingredient In Marijuana Effective In Treatment Of Alzheimer'sRelief for the millions of seniors who suffer from Azheimer’s Disease may come in form of a joint.
Growing Number Of Drivers Under Influence Of Marijuana Worrying Bay Area Traffic OfficialsCases of people driving with drugs in their system are on the rise in California, and state traffic safety officials said they are especially concerned about those who use marijuana, then get behind the wheel.
Marijuana's Active Ingredients May Have Power To Kill Aggressive Brain CancerMarijuana’s active ingredients have the power to kill a certain type of aggressive brain cancer, according to a new study.
Reporter Mike Sugerman Puts Bay Area Medicinal Marijuana Dispensary Products To The TestMedicinal marijuana is legal in California. But what are patients really buying when they shop at their local dispensary? Reporter Mike Sugerman conducted a random test.