Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against PG&E Removal Of Group Of Trees In LafayetteA judge presiding over a lawsuit by the City of Lafayette against PG&E over a plan by the utility to remove a group of trees has issued a temporary restraining order blocking the tree removal, according to the city.
CZU Lightning Complex: Despite Extensive Burn Damage, Many Historic Redwoods Survive at California's Oldest State ParkWhen a massive wildfire swept through California’s oldest state park last week it was feared many trees in a grove of old-growth redwoods, some of them 2,000 years old and among the tallest living things on Earth, may finally have succumbed.
Berkeley Officials Decide Not To Cut Down Existing Traffic Circle TreesBerkeley elected officials met Tuesday to determine the fate of a number of mature trees growing in traffic circles that were going to be cut down, but it seems the city may have had a change of heart.
Judge Revises PG&E Order, Cites 'Dismal' Record In Preventing WildfiresA federal judge has revised a proposed order for PG&E, making it less drastic, but he maintained that the utility has a "dismal" record in preventing wildfires.
US Forest Service: 18 Million Trees Died In California In 2018The USDA Forest Service announced Monday that an additional 18 million trees, mostly conifers, have died in California since fall 2017.
Protesters Arrested As Trees Removed From Berkeley People's ParkSix protesters who didn’t want arborists to remove five diseased and damaged trees from People’s Park in Berkeley were confronted by police and arrested early Tuesday.
Tree Slams Onto Cars On Highway 13 A tree weakened by last weekend's stormy weather toppled onto State Route 13 in the Oakland Hills early Tuesday, triggering three separate accidents, heavily damaging the vehicles involved.
Redwood Grove On Sonoma Coast To Become Public ParkA grove in Northern California with hundreds of ancient redwood trees, some taller than the Statue of Liberty, is being acquired by an environmental group that plans to preserve it and open a new public park.
Palo Alto Redwoods Grown From Seeds That Traveled Millions Of Miles In SpaceAlong the back of Peers Park in Palo Alto there is a grove of redwoods that have no doubt traveled a lot farther than you have.
PG&E Plans To Cut 25,000 Fire-Damaged TreesPacific Gas and Electric Co. plans to cut down up to 25,000 fire-damaged trees in an effort to protect power lines in 13 counties across Northern and Central California.
Over 100 Million Dead Trees Pose Wildfire Threat In CaliforniaA tiny pest is turning lush forests into tinderboxes.