Federal Judge in Oakland Blocks Trump From Building Parts of Border WallA federal judge in Oakland on Friday evening blocked part of President Trump's plan to build a wall on the Mexican border with funds diverted from other military and agency programs.
Trump's Proposed Transgender ACA Rollback Prompts LGBT Community ResistanceLGBT advocates are vowing to fight back against a Trump Administration proposal to roll back protections for transgender people in the Affordable Care Act.
Trump Administration Moves To Revoke Transgender Health ProtectionThe Trump administration proposed revoking Obama-era discrimination protections for transgender people in health care on Friday, a move LGBT groups fear will result in some Americans being denied needed medical treatment.
Federal Appeals Court Approves Policy Forcing Asylum Seekers To Wait In MexicoA federal appeals court ruled in San Francisco that for the time being, the Trump administration can force Central American asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while they pursue their asylum claims
Environmentalists Fear New Push For Oil Drilling Off California CoastIt’s been decades since California allowed any new offshore oil drilling but environmentalists say the Trump administration is now trying to force the issue in a battle that is 50 years in the making.
Fiery War Of Words Erupts Over Trump Immigration Detainee Dumping ThreatPresident Donald Trump's threat to dump illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities like San Francisco and Oakland triggered an angry response from national, state and Bay Area leaders Friday.
Trump Administration Appeals Judge's Ruling On Asylum PolicyThe Trump administration appealed a judge's ruling Wednesday that would block it from returning asylum seekers to Mexico to await court hearings.
SF Judge Blocks Trump Administration Policy Of Returning Asylum Seekers To MexicoA U.S. judge in San Francisco has blocked the Trump administration's policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico as they wait for a court to hear their cases.
Mueller Report on Russian Election Interference Delivered to Attorney GeneralThough Mueller's report is confidential, Attorney General William Barr has said he wants to make as much public as he can under the law.
Trump Administration Looking To Investigate Disability FraudThe Trump administration wants to investigate Social Security disability fraud by looking at the social media posts of beneficiaries, according to a New York Times report.
California: Trump Administration Plan To Renege On $3.5 Billion For High Speed Rail 'Disastrous'Leaders of California's high-speed rail project told the Trump administration its plans to withhold $3.5 billion in federal money for the project was "legally indefensible" and "disastrous policy."
White House Breaks Off Talks With California Over Mileage Standard DisputeThe Trump administration says it has broken off talks with California in a dispute over mileage standards, moving the two closer to a possible court battle that threatens to roil the auto industry.
'Stop Hurting My Family'; Mother, Baby Reunited After Month-Long Separation At US BorderA 23-year old Honduran mother was reunited with her baby daughter at San Francisco International Airport on Tuesday evening after a month-long separation, which came as the family tried to cross the U.S. border in search of asylum.
President May Show Up To Deliver SOTU, Find He Hasn't Been InvitedA little-noticed rule would likely prevent the president from delivering a State of the Union address on Jan. 29, despite an invitation from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
South Bay Vietnamese Fear Deportations From Tougher Trump PolicyA new White House policy could leave thousands of members of the Vietnamese community vulnerable to deportation for crimes committed years or even decades ago.