UCSF Study Finds COVID-19 Symptoms Lasting Several Weeks Among Pregnant WomenWomen who contract COVID-19 during pregnancy could experience symptoms that are prolonged, possibly lasting two months or longer, according to a new study.
Timothy Ray Brown, First Man Cured Of HIV Infection, Has Terminal CancerTimothy Ray Brown, the first person known to have been cured of HIV infection, says he is now terminally ill from a recurrence of the cancer that prompted his historic treatment 12 years ago.
UCSF Developing Device That Allows Human Brains to Control MachinesIt might seem like the stuff of science fiction but recently-created advances in technology now allow humans to directly control a device by simply thinking about it.
'Nanobody' Nasal Spray Could Stop Spread Of COVID-19 VirusUniversity of California, San Francisco scientists have discovered a novel approach to fighting this pandemic, and the invention was inspired by what is naturally found in llamas.
Man Robbed, Killed At UCSF Medical Clinic; Suspect ArrestedA suspect was arrested Wednesday in the robbery and murder of a man at a medical clinic at the University of California, San Francisco, campus police reported.
'Hit The Reset Button' - Some UC Medical Experts Urge 2nd Shutdown To Contain COVID-19 SurgeMedical experts, including several at UCSF and the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, have signed onto a letter urging political leaders to shut down the country again to contain the new surge in COVID-19 cases.
'COVID-Phobia' Harming Skittish Patients Needing Care, Health Care Industry As A Whole
UCSF Study: 1 In 3 Young Adults Vulnerable For Severe COVID-19; Smoking A Determining FactorOne in three young adults is at risk of severe Covid-19, and smoking plays a big part in that risk, according to new research.
UCSF Doctor Says COVID-19 California Miracle Is Over Now, We Are Just Like Other StatesUCSF Dr. Bob Wachter once touted the 'California Miracle' due to the state’s success at flattening the curve. Now, as COVID-19 cases are surging, he says the California Miracle is over. We dodged a bullet, but we are catching this one.
UCSF Medical School Officials Pay Hackers $1.14 Million Ransom To Recover Stolen DataHackers who attacked computer servers at the University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine were paid a ransom of more than $1 million so researchers could regain access to data that had been maliciously encrypted by malware, according to university officials.
UCSF Study Reveals Smokers May Suffer More Severe COVID-19 SymptomsSmoking significantly worsens COVID-19 symptoms, according to a new analysis by UC-San Francisco of the association between smoking and progression of the infectious disease.
UCSF Doctor Returning From Battling COVID-19 In New York Stunned By Conditions On FlightWith all the reports of dramatic declines in air travelers, Dr. Ethan Weiss, a UC-San Francisco cardiologist, returning from an assignment at a New York City hospital to help battle that city's COVID-19 outbreak was shocked to see the crowded conditions on his flight back to San Francisco.
Coronavirus Update: UCSF Partners With State To Train Thousands On Contact TracingUniversity of California at San Francisco will partner with UCLA and the California Department of Public Health to train thousands of residents across the state.
UCSF Leads Team Mapping Blueprint For How Coronavirus Attacks Human CellsAn international team led by UCSF scientists have discovered how a range of existing drugs may fight the coronavirus on a cellular level.
Coronavirus Update: UCSF Sets Up COVID-19 Ward At Mount Zion ComplexUC San Francisco Health began accepting patients Wednesday at a new Mount Zion medical center ward reserved for COVID-19 coronavirus patients.