Bay Area Activist Groups Protest, Prepare For ICE Raids
Bay Area Activists, Politicians Speak Out Ahead of Rumored ICE RaidsAfter reports that President Trump will order U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids Sunday to deport undocumented immigrants, Bay Area activists and politicians spoke out against the possibility.
Looming ICE Raids Instill Fear in South Bay Latino CommunityThe threat of ICE raids and mass deportations is creating fear in San Jose's Latino community
ACLU Files Suit In Attempt To Stop Reportedly Planned ICE RaidsThe ACLU late Thursday morning announced it has filed a preemptive lawsuit against the Trump administration to try to stop planned ICE raids this weekend.
Rally Planned At San Francisco ICE Offices Ahead Of Sunday Raid RumorsProtesters are planning a rally Thursday in San Francisco following reports that U.S. President Donald Trump will order Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids Sunday to deport undocumented immigrants in several U.S. cities.
California OKs Health Benefits For Adult Undocumented ImmigrantsCalifornia has become the first state to offer taxpayer-funded health benefits to adults living in the country illegally.
2020 Census To Be Printed Without Adding Citizenship QuestionIn a huge victory for civil rights groups, the Trump administration has decided to move ahead with the 2020 Census without adding a citizenship question following months of debate over the issue. 
'Close The Camps' Protests Held In San Francisco, Other Cities Over Immigrant Detention FacilitiesProtesters are blocking an intersection in San Francisco's Financial District on Tuesday afternoon to protest U.S. Customs and Border Protection detention centers for immigrants.
Hayward Contractor Gets 8 Years In Prison For Forced Labor, Abusing Undocumented WorkersHayward construction contractor was sentenced in federal court in Oakland Tuesday to eight years and seven months in prison.
Report: Trump Delays ICE Raids After Getting Call From PelosiPresident Trump on Saturday tweeted that the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants planned for Sunday would be delayed two weeks.
Migrant Kids Held By Border Patrol Describe Disturbing ConditionsAttorneys visiting a Texas Border Patrol station this week were shocked to find more than 250 infants, children and teens being held inside a windowless complex, struggling to care for each other with inadequate food, water and sanitation.