Republican COVID-19 Stimulus Proposal: $1,200 Checks, Smaller Unemployment AidA new COVID-19 stimulus bill was expected to be unveiled on Monday by Republican leaders after the $600 weekly federal unemployment boost expired for millions of Americans over the weekend.
$600 Weekly Unemployment Boost Expiring for Millions of AmericansThe extra $600 federal unemployment benefit that has been a lifeline for about 30 million Americans is set to expire this weekend.
California Unemployment Claims Surge To Highest Level In 3 Months As Pandemic Pounds EconomyCalifornia unemployment claims have climbed to their highest levels in nearly three months as surging coronavirus cases halt plans to reopen the economy, and an extra $600 in weekly federal unemployment benefits is set to expire at the end of the week.
California Added Record 558,000 Jobs Before Latest COVID-19 ClosuresCalifornia added a record 558,000 jobs in June as many more businesses reopened but the gains announced Friday by the state are expected to be short-lived.
Reopening: State Unemployment Rate At 16.3 Percent; Highest Since Great Depression; More Than 2.2M Jobs LostAs the state's economy begins reawakening from it's more than 3-month slumber brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak, signs of the damage left behind from the shutdown continues to mount.
Unemployment Unexpectedly Drops, But Full Recovery Not ImminentThe unemployment rate took a surprising drop, but while hope exists the road to recovery remains uncertain.
State To Hire Nearly 2,000 Temporary Staffers To Help Manage Surge In Unemployment ApplicationsThe state Employment Development Department plans to hire nearly 2,000 temporary full-time and hourly staff members in the coming weeks to hasten the delivery of unemployment benefits to workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
Some Southbay Workers Laid Off Due To COVID-19 Making More On UnemploymentAfter getting laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic, some workers make more money by staying at home on unemployment than they would if they still had their job.
2 Million Jobs Lost: California's April Jobless Rate Soars To 15.5%The nation's most populous state lost 2.3 million jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic that shuttered most businesses.
Better Together: 'Hunger At Home' Chefs, Hotel Execs Give Food To Unemployed Hospitality, Food WorkersWhen the hotel and restaurant world collapsed, they were left holding millions of pounds of food. Hunger at Home collected that food and is making it available to the workers, and anyone else who lost their jobs.
'There's Only One Bill To Prioritize -- Everything Else Is Negotiable': CBS Analyst Explains How To Navigate Outstanding Balances On Limited FundsJill Schlesinger, certified financial planner and CBS News business analyst, looks at how to devise a game plan for paying bills when money is tight.