Unruly Woman Allegedly Tries To Enter Cockpit On British Airways FlightA woman aboard a British Airways flight bound for Boston had to be restrained after she allegedly tried to enter the cockpit.
Unruly Passenger On San Jose – Dallas Flight Prompts Emergency LandingAuthorities say an unruly passenger caused an American Airlines flight from San Jose to Dallas-Fort Worth to be diverted to Phoenix.
Taxi Driver Takes Unruly Passengers Straight To Sonoma County Jail During AssaultA Santa Rosa taxi driver drove to the Sonoma County jail for help while he was allegedly being attacked by an unruly passenger, police said Sunday.
Accused SFO-Bound Cockpit Intruder Arraignment PostponedA Yemeni man’s arraignment on a federal charge of interfering with a flight crew on a San Francisco-bound American Airlines flight earlier this month was postponed Tuesday morning.
Unruly SF Plane Passenger On Medical Pot Gets ProbationA San Francisco man who caused a cross-country flight to land prematurely because his medical marijuana cookies made him act erratically has been sentenced to at least three years on probation.
Unruly Passenger On Cell Phone Booted Off Train From OaklandA passenger train made an unscheduled stop in Oregon over a woman’s cell phone use and verbal confrontations with other passengers.
Passengers, Flight Crew Subdue Unruly Man on SFO-Bound PlaneA 28-year-old Vallejo man aboard an SFO-bound flight was wrestled to the floor by flight attendants and fellow passengers late Sunday night after he began yelling and banging on the cockpit door.