Netflix Users Freaking Out Over Rumors Of 3rd Party Ads Coming To Streaming ServiceNetflix users have been freaking out Monday over rumors that the streaming content service will begin testing third party advertisements while movies and shows play.
New Facebook Feature May Help Users Prevent SuicidesFacebook rolled out a new feature designed to help prevent suicides by allowing users to quickly alert someone if a friend appears to be thinking of harming themselves.
Netflix Offering Service To Cubans With Internet AccessOnly somewhere between five and 27-percent of the country’s population has internet access.
Facebook Opens Up About Personalized Ads On FeedsFacebook is opening up about those personalized ads on news feeds.
Facebook To Allow Users To Log In To 3rd Party Apps AnonymouslyFacebook says it will let users log in to apps anonymously, without sharing their identities and personal information with mobile applications they don’t trust.
Shares Of Twitter Hit All-Time Low After Earnings Results Show User Growth SlowingTwitter shares were at an all-time low in after-hours trading Tuesday after earnings results that indicated active monthly users of the messaging service were not growing as anticipated.
‘Game of Thrones’ Premiere Brings Down HBO GO AppMany HBO GO users were sent back into darkness when the app crashed...
Facebook Marks 10th Birthday, Will It Last Another Decade? Facebook will mark 10 years since its creation Tuesday, and despite an estimated 1.2 billion friends and $153 billion market cap there are plenty of folks eager to predict the end for the social giant.
Larry Magid: Princeton Study Predicts Doom For FacebookThe study by two Princeton University students predicts Facebook will lose 80 percent of its peak user base by the year 2017.
Yahoo Beats Google With More Visitors For 1st Time In 2 yearsFor the first time in more than two years, more Americans visited Yahoo’s websites than Google’s in July, according to data from research firm comScore Inc.
New Microsoft Ad Assault On Google Shows Industry ShiftMicrosoft is skewering Google again with scathing ads. The latest marketing assault says as much about the dramatic shift in the technology industry’s competitive landscape as they do about the animosity between the two rivals.