COVID: Experts Warn More Contagious Delta Variant Could Sicken UnvaccinatedThe COVID-19 Delta variant is doubling nationally every two weeks. Health experts are concerned for the unvaccinated or only half-vaccinated.
COVID Vaccine: Marin County Handing Out Gift Cards To Those Getting VaccinatedMarin County Health and Human Services are handing out gift cards to entice residents to get vaccinated this week.
COVID: San Francisco May Be First Major U.S. City To Reach Herd ImmunitySan Francisco may be one of the first major cities to reach herd immunity according to health experts. That’s when a large portion of the community becomes immune to a disease and spread is unlikely.
COVID: Backlash Over Santa Clara Co. Mandatory Employee Vaccination Status ChecksThere's a growing backlash in the business community in Santa Clara County over a new requirement for employers to collect the vaccination status of their workers.
COVID Vaccine: Some Doubters Say It Will Take More Than Money For Them To Get ShotsEven with the inducement of winning cash prizes in California, there is stubborn contingent of Bay Area residents still resisting getting the COVID vaccination.
Incarcerated People At CA Prisons Vaccinated At Higher Rate Than StaffThe dynamics of the covid-19 vaccine rollout across prisons.
COVID: With 70% Vaccinated South Bay Health Officials Reaching Out To Vaccine-Hesitant ResidentsSanta Clara County health leaders said Tuesday more than 70 percent of eligible residents have now received their first dose of the COVID vaccine, but demand for the vaccine is now decreasing.
COVID Vaccines: Benicia Offers Pizza Gift Certificates In Campaign To Get Teens, Young Adults VaccinatedThe city of Benicia is encouraging younger people to get the COVID-19 vaccine by offering a gift certificate for pizza if they receive the first dose Wednesday and the second in three weeks.
COVID Reopening: Fans Allowed At Golden State Warriors Games Starting April 23Starting April 23, fans can attend Golden State Warriors games at Chase Center.
Incarcerated Writer At San Quentin Prison On Living Through Outbreak, Vaccines28 incarcerated men at San Quentin Prison and 1 guard died last year from Covid-19 complications. Now vaccines are being administered at San Quentin and across the California prison system. CBSN Bay Area's Len Kiese spoke with the co-founders of the Prison Journalism Project Yukari Iwatani Kane & Shaheen Pasha, as well as incarcerated writer Joe Garcia, in our ongoing series.
COVID: Vaccine A Shot Of Relief For Many Suffering With Mysterious 'Long-Haul Syndrome'According to patients, the COVID-19 vaccine may offer some kind of benefit as a treatment for a mysterious ailment now known as 'long-haul syndrome.'