COVID Vaccine: Santa Clara County Warns About Misinformation in Fake TextsSanta Clara County health officials warned this week of unofficial texts inviting residents to make a vaccination appointment in the county.
COVID Vaccine: Contra Costa Health Officials Work To Ramp Up COVID-19 VaccinationsHealth officials in Contra Costa County said they will accelerate COVID-19 vaccinations to as many as 7,000 vaccines a day in what they said is an effort to have as many of the 900,000 eligible county residents as possible vaccinated over the next six months.
Coronavirus Surge: Zuckerberg SF General At 'Level Red' As COVID Patient Numbers Reach Record LevelsAs of Monday, 63 COVID-19 patients are inside Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, 13 of those in the critical care unit. These new numbers have pushed the hospital to ‘surge level red.'
Frightening California COVID-19 Surge Continues Amid Promise of More VaccinesCalifornia is the epicenter of the worst surge in COVID-19 infections. Now the best hope is the vaccine. Elizabeth Cook has details on plans to speed up the vaccination process.
Health Expert Sees Hopeful Signs in New Bay Area COVID-19 Infection StatisticsThe good news is that virus transmission in the Bay Area has not yet shown a post-holiday spike. The hope is that hospitalizations will soon decline.
Private Practice Medicos in Sonoma County Begin Administering COVID VaccineThe progress of administering vaccines has been slow. Now, private doctors in the North Bay are banding together to offer vaccinations to medical staff.
COVID Vaccine: Health Officials Must Speed Up Slow Rollout In Santa Clara Co. For Herd ImmunityAt the current pace, it would be mid-September 2023 before the county's nearly two-million residents would receive a vaccine. Public health officials.
UCSF Health Expert Proposes Distributing COVID-19 Vaccine by LotteryUCSF Dept. of Medicine chairman Dr. Bob Wachter said California should consider a lottery system as a more equitable way to coordinate coronavirus vaccinations.
COVID Vaccines: Bay Area Distribution Among General Public Remains Work In ProgressAfter priority groups get the limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines now allocated to California, Bay Area public health departments and medical centers are busy making plans for the general population. But it’s a work in progress.
COVID Vaccinations: Newsom Acknowledges Significant Issues With Vaccine DistributionGovernor Gavin Newsom on Monday said that while the COVID-19 vaccine was providing California residents with hope, the state was "working aggressively" to address distribution issues while determining who would be getting the vaccine next.
COVID: US Falls Short of Vaccine Goal; Experts Debate Delaying Second Doses of VaccineThe Trump administration promised 20 million doses would be given by the end of 2020, but the CDC says just over 4 million people have gotten the shot.
COVID Vaccines: Inoculations Begin At Veterans Home In YountvilleVaccinations against COVID-19 are underway at the California Veterans Home in Yountville, the state's Department of Veterans Affairs, also known as CalVet, announced Thursday.
COVID Vaccine: Seniors, Staff At Walnut Creek Nursing Home Receive First ShotOne East Bay nursing home took a big step forward in the fight against the coronavirus Tuesday as residents and staff at a Walnut Creek facility received their first COVID vaccinations.
COVID NYE: UCSF Health Expert Pushing 'Harm Reduction Model' For New Year's Eve RevelersWith days to go before New Year’s celebrations, some health experts are adjusting their messaging, and offering tips for individuals who choose to gather outside their household during the final holiday of 2020.
Stanford Medicine Staff Say Residents, Fellows Passed Over for First COVID-19 VaccinationsStanford Medicine doctors and nurses protested Friday over the distribution of coronavirus vaccinations to frontline workers. Protesters said vaccines have not been given to some doctors who are in close contact with coronavirus patients.