New Vegan Tesla Model 3 Is Completely 'Leather-Free'Tesla announced on Tuesday the Model 3 Sedan is now completely 'leather-free.'
'I’m Really, Really Sorry': Vegan Rawvana Vlogger Apologizes After She's Caught Eating FishA popular vlogger who touts the health benefits of a raw vegan diet, is being slammed on social media after she was caught last week eating fish at a restaurant.
California To Offer Vegan Meal Option In PrisonsA new California law is changing the menu at state prisons, with inmates now allowed to request vegan meals.
Berkeley Joins Meatless 'Green Mondays' MovementThere is a new move in Berkeley to chip away at the causes of climate change. The idea is to cut down on the consumption of animal products, especially meat.
California Considers Requiring Prison Inmates Have Access To Vegan MealsA California legislator introduced legislation to ensure that those confined to prison and hospitals have access to plant-based meals.
Austin Aries, WWE’s Healthiest WrestlerAustin Aries, WWE star of the cruiserweight division, champions healthy eating in his book 'Food Fight' and around the pro wrestling world.
Bay Area Air Quality Plan Advocates Low Carbon DietThe Bay Area Air Quality Management District has adopted a sweeping new air quality and climate plan that has the agency thinking way beyond Spare the Air Days. The plan called Spare the Air - Cool the Climate would like to advise Bay Area residents on what to put on the table.
A Mom Made Healthy Ice Pops For Her Family And A Business BlossomedThey're making healthy Fairytellla ice pops. They're similar to other pops, but with an Organic twist.
Coastal Sanctuary Gives Consumers A Chance To 'Meet Their Meat'Do you ever wonder where your food comes from and whether or not the animals were raised humanely? A pair of vegan "farmers" are looking to give consumers a chance to "meet their meat."
Oakland Theater Named Among Nation’s Best For Vegans The New Parkway Theater in Oakland has been ranked as one of the best movie theaters nationwide for vegans.
San Francisco’s Just Mayo Allowed To Keep Name Despite Lack Of EggsJust Mayo says it will get to keep its name, a decision that caps a rollercoaster year for the vegan spread that has rattled the egg industry.