Verizon Will Stream NFL Games On Any Network Next YearNext month, you'll be able to watch NFL games on your smartphone, regardless of your carrier.
Verizon Hikes Prices, Cuts Video Quality On Unlimited PlansVerizon is raising the price of its unlimited plan while introducing a slightly cheaper, more limited version as wireless carriers battle each other for customers.
Verizon Pulled Back To Unlimited Data GameVerizon, a longtime holdout, has joined other carriers in offering an unlimited data plan.
Verizon Customers Complain About Sudden Spike In Data ChargesIt's not unusual for people to complain about their cell phone bill, but there has been a recent spike in complaints from Verizon customers over data charges.
SF Residents Battle Wireless Firms Over Super Bowl Building BoomSuper Bowl 50 is expected to draw a million cellphone-packing visitors to San Francisco. Wireless providers are racing to beef up service and that's coming at the expense of some unhappy residents.
Armed Robber Holds Up Employees At Pleasant Hill Cellphone Store An armed robber held up employees at a cellphone store in Pleasant Hill Tuesday night, authorities said.
Tech Report: Verizon Shutting Down App Store In JanuaryVerizon Wireless will shut down its app store come January. This should come as no surprise as Apple and Google have dominated smartphone app sales.
Tech Report: Apple Hype Tough To Live Up ToKCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid said Apple has high standards to live up to regarding each new product launch.
New iPhone 5 Glitch: Unexpected Data Usage ChargesSome iPhone 5 users are getting hit with bigger bills for cellular network data usage when they think they are on a WiFi network.
Tech Report: Who Benefits From Verizon’s Share Everything Plan?Verizon Wireless will soon offer consumers a “Share Everything” plan, where customers will be able to connect up to 10 devices to a pool data plan. But who will really benefit from this?
Tech Report: Verizon Introduces New Global Data PlanKCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid weighs the positives and negatives of Verizon's new global data plan.