Voter Turnout In California Average At Best, Despite Surge In RegistrationVoter turnout in California's primary looked about average, despite a last-minute surge in registration and an unusually competitive presidential contest.
California Elections Officials Brace For Big June Primary TurnoutCalifornia's secretary of state is preparing for a major surge in voter turnout for the state's June 7 presidential primary, a day that could prove decisive for both parties.
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At Least 770,000 Ballots Outstanding From California’s Primary ElectionAt least 770,000 ballots have not yet been counted from California's primary election. The secretary of state's office posted a partial tally Thursday afternoon that shows the totals of outstanding ballots in 24 of California's 58 counties.
California GOP Savors Some Surprises From June PrimaryApathetic Democrats who didn't bother to vote undercut party candidates in California, where Republicans eager to send an Election Day rebuke to President Barack Obama and Sacramento Democrats made their mark in key races.
California Voter Turnout Was 72 Percent In November ElectionCalifornia’s Secretary of State said more than half the voters who cast ballots in the November election voted by mail—the highest rate yet for a general election.
Bay Area Election Officials Estimate Lower Turnout Than 2008Bay Area counties are projecting strong voter turnout for Tuesday’s presidential election, however numbers are expected to be below those from the 2008 race.
Evangelical Leaders Worried Romney's Mormonism Could Suppress Conservative TurnoutEvangelical leaders worried that Mitt Romney’s Mormonism could suppress conservative turnout are intensifying appeals for Christians to vote.
Santa Clara County Expects Huge Voter Turnout In NovemberThis as online registration in the state started up this week.
Low Turnout In California Primary Despite Sweeping ProposalsCalifornia’s statewide primary election was marked Tuesday by light turnout at polling sites and few problems for voters even as the state tested out some sweeping political reforms.
Light Voter Turnout Predicted In Contra Costa CountyElection Day is Tuesday. But, there likely won't be too many people turning out to cast votes at the polls in Contra Costa County. That's according to its Registrar of Voters.