State Approves Fines For Wasting Water After Report Shows Californians Using More Water, Not ConservingCalifornia has approved fines for water wasting after a new report showed water customers in the state using more water, not less, amid calls for conservation.
Californians Using More Water, Not Less During Drought; Statewide Fines Approved For Water WastersState water managers are contemplating mandatory fines for water wasters as calls for water conservation in drought-plagued California have apparently fallen on deaf ears.
California May Impose Mandatory Water Restrictions, $500 Fines For Wasters During Record DroughtDrought ravaged California could be on the brink of mandatory water restrictions on water use, with fines of up to $500 a day for those who don’t comply.
Some Californians Allowed To Keep Using Water For Free Amid Record DroughtCalifornia’s blistering heat has spared wildfires and is worsening what could be a record drought. While some are bracing for severe water rationing, others with certain privileges can continue to use as much water as they want for free.
Pleasanton Imposes Mandatory Water Restrictions, Excess Use To Trigger Large FinesBusinesses and residents in Pleasanton will have to cut back on water usage by 25 percent or face fines after a unanimous city council vote Tuesday night.
Santa Cruz Mandatory Water Rationing Begins Thursday, Homes Allotted 249 Gallons A DayThe city of Santa Cruz is reminding Santa Cruz Municipal Utilities customers that water rationing begins Thursday.
Dry Winter Could Mean Mandatory Water Rationing For Santa Cruz Residents Water officials in Santa Cruz are already calling for residents to exercise restraint in their water usage this Spring, following a less than stellar rainy winter season.