Tri-Valley Forecast: Sunny And Clear After The RainThe Tri-Valley is enjoying mild temperatures in the low 60s on Friday with clear blue skies after a couple days of rain.
Tri-Valley Forecast: Partly Cloudy Skies And Cooler TempsThermometers were reading in the low to mid 60s Monday, closer to where they typically do at this time of the year as the Tri-Valley experienced mostly cloudy skies.
Tri-Valley Forecast: Cool And Cloudy After StormResidents of the Tri-Valley area can expect more rain on Friday in the aftermath of the big storm overnight.
Tri-Valley Forecast: Temps Drop As Rain ArrivesThe week's warm temperatures already felt like a distant memory Thursday morning with thermometer readings at least 10 degrees lower than the high 70s and low 80s most of the Tri-Valley had been enjoying.
Tri-Valley Forecast: Cloudy With Mild Temps Before RainsTemperatures stayed in the upper 70s Wednesday with a high of 80 expected in Pleasanton despite increased cloud cover, but all that is set to change over the next few days.
Tri-Valley Forecast: More Warm Weather As Temps Approach 80Temperatures remain well above average on Monday in the Tri-Valley area, with most thermometers registering in the mid-to-upper 70s in the region.
Tri-Valley Forecast: Cool Temps And Rain All Day Long The biggest storm system of the week has brought cloudy skies and steady rains to go with temperatures continuing to hover in the low 60s Friday.
Tri-Valley Forecast: Cool And Clear For Break In The RainMostly clear skies with just a few wispy clouds Thursday morning as the Tri-Valley area got a break from this week's rain.
Tri-Valley Forecast: Cooler Temps With More Rain AheadThe Tri-Valley got a good soaking overnight with an inch of rain falling between late Tuesday and early Wednesday.