3 Feet Of Snow And 146 MPH Winds Pummel Lake Tahoe AreaThe National Weather Service says whiteout conditions are still possible around Lake Tahoe, where 3 feet of snow has already fallen and winds gusting to nearly 150 mph shut down Interstate 80.
Teen Injured In Violent Santa Barbara Microburst With 80 MPH WindsA teenage girl was badly injured during the Labor Day weekend in Santa Barbara by a dramatic microburst.
Almost 100 Flights Cancelled At San Francisco International AirportAlmost 100 flights were cancelled at San Francisco International Airport Wednesday night due to heavy rains and high winds.
WARNING: Extreme High Tides, High Surf, Winds, Flooding LikelyThe first set of "extreme high tides" is expected to impact the region's coastal areas Tuesday morning, which may cause flooding in Marin County and other areas.
Typhoon Soudelor Heads For Taiwan With 145 MPH WindsOn Monday, Typhoon Soudelor was labeled “Super Typhoon Soudelor,” the strongest tropical cyclone on Earth so far in 2015.
40 MPH Wind Gusts Possible For Bay Area As Cold Front ApproachesSo hold onto your hat and/or use an extra pump of hairspray. It’s going to be a windy Tuesday.
Tornado-Like Waterspouts, Lightning, Gale-Force Winds And Severe Thunderstorm Warning For Northern California WatersThe National Weather Service issued a "special marine warning" as a fast-moving band of severe thunderstorms moved offshore, creating conditions that could span waterspouts -- tornadoes over the ocean-- along with frequent lightning, gale-force winds and large swells capable of overturning small vessels.
Rain Boots In Short Supply Day Before Strong Storm Expected To Hit Bay AreaA big storm with strong winds and torrential downpours is rapidly approaching the Bay Area, giving residents a reason to dust off the rain boots -- if they're lucky enough to find any locally.
Crews Rappel Down Telegraph Hill To Prevent Rock Slides Before Big Storm Hits Bay AreaWorkers are using crowbars to loosen rocks that could crash down during heavy rains or runoff Thursday and Friday.
Hurricane-Force Winds, Torrential Rain Forecast For What Could Be Storm Of The DecadeSustained winds at or near hurricane strength in the highest elevations with gusts exceeding 100 miles per hour across the Sierra summit are forecast for Thursday, with Bay Area winds easily gusting past 50 miles per hour in urban areas and 70-80 miles per hour in the local mountains and hills in what could be the storm of the decade.
Southern Winds Producing Monsoonal Climate Also Warming Bay Area Coastal WatersThe same winds bringing the monsoonal moisture causing atypical summer weather in the Bay Area are also causing a phenomenon along the coast - making the water warmer.